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National Build Joy Day 2023: History, Activities, Dates, FAQs, and Facts About Taylor Morrison

The firm is committed to designing sustainable residences for its clients while also fostering happiness.

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National Build Joy Day 2023 History, Activities, Dates, FAQs, and Facts About Taylor Morrison

National Build Joy Day 2023: Annually, National Build Joy Day is observed on December 2. Taylor Morrison, an esteemed American home builder and developer, established the organization in 2017. The firm is committed to designing sustainable residences for its clients while also fostering happiness. The Taylor Morrison team enlivens the holiday season by performing acts of compassion for those in greatest need. Their combined endeavors have had such a profound effect that they have moved souls throughout the entire country. Do you feel inspired? If so, collaborate with Taylor Morrison to bring happiness to your local community.

National Build Joy Day History

As previously stated, Taylor Morrison led a noble initiative that resulted in National Build Joy Day. At the outset, the objective was to provide assistance to individuals affected by catastrophic events or natural calamities. The company solicits suggestions from its employees annually regarding ways to promote joy in their communities. The most promising concepts are subsequently chosen and allocated $1,000 in funding.

Curious as to what these concepts entailed?

However, we are able to provide you with a sneak look. The company has given money to a lot of organizations and people, including paying off a school’s debt for lunches covered by the federal program and putting together “backpacks of love” for kids in foster care.

But 2020 unfolded in a manner that surprised everyone. As the pandemic halted global activity, the demand for assistance became even more widespread. Taylor Morrison certainly failed to disappoint. The team exerted considerable effort to rescue individuals from unanticipated tribulations in ten different states. The initiatives encompassed a range of tasks and initiatives: assembling blankets for a hospital that housed veterans; repurposing desks to facilitate remote learning for students; extending financial aid to a woman whose husband perished from COVID-19; supporting an NGO in organizing workshops for young girls that promoted mental health awareness; assisting an animal shelter in assisting families struggling to care for their pets; and much more.

In addition, no! That was not the end of it. Amidst these arduous times, the organization contributed $60,000 to HomeAid America and Feeding America in an effort to alleviate the pandemic. Taylor Morrison encourages all members to participate in community service in any way feasible. A photo composite or brief video showcasing your philanthropic endeavor may be submitted for the chance to be featured in a “Build Joy” video. Consequently, what are you awaiting? Make an effort to brighten someone’s day.

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FAQs for National Build Joy Day

Truly, this is a holiday?

National Build Joy Day was not officially observed until 2020, subsequent to the global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, the observance of this date as an official holiday has not yet occurred.

Are there any prescribed protocols for observing National Build Joy Day?

No regulations or guidelines are in place. Transform the lives of others with small gestures of kindness. That is precisely what matters.

Why is today so significant?

On an international scale, the previous year has bestowed unanticipated suffering. The pandemic ravaged the entire globe, and during these arduous times, acts of compassion of all sizes sustained us. National Build Joy Day is an occasion to promote the expression of compassion and benevolence.

Pursuit to Observe National Building Joy Day

A Donation

Have you exhausted any articles of apparel? Donate them to those in need or host a special lunch for foster children and orphans.

Congratulate another individual.

Practicing kindness does not invariably require monetary exchange. A compliment has the power to bring happiness to a person. Simply put, that is it!

Be generally considerate.

The world merits all forms of kindness at this time. Thus, on this day, demonstrate affection and kindness toward everyone in general.

Five essential details regarding Taylor Morrison

Developing delight through homebuilding

Taylor Morrison expanded its operations beyond residential construction when it conceived the notion of constructing happiness by donating a portion of its earnings and sales.

One thousand dollars ($1,000)

Each year, the organization awards one thousand dollars to each team member who submits the most brilliant idea for spreading pleasure so that the organization can further their mission.

A pandemic aid

The 2020 crowdsourced concepts from the Taylor Morrison team were centered on pandemic relief.

Affected ten states

Within the past year, the initiative has been implemented in ten states across the United States.

Sustainable experiences in living

The organization’s home design process is conducted in a sustainable manner, as detailed in its 2019 Environmental, Social, and Governance Report.


Year Date Day
2023 December 2 Saturday
2024 December 2 Monday
2025 December 2 Tuesday
2026 December 2 Wednesday
2027 December 2 Thursday


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