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National Cheese Day 2023 (U.S): Date, History, Significance, Activities, Facts

This day honours the king of all dairy products, the large cheese.

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National Cheese Day 2023
National Cheese Day 2023

National Cheese Day 2023: The fourth of June is National Cheese Day. Not to be confounded with other well-known cheese-related holidays such as Grilled Cheese Day, Cheesecake Day, or Mac and Cheese Day. This day honours the king of all dairy products, the large cheese.

National Cheese Day 2023: History

Cheesemaking is ancient, and some would argue sacred, art. In fact, so ancient that it predates written history. It is believed that the enchantment of cheesemaking began around 8000 BCE, shortly after animal domestication. Archaeological excavations have uncovered evidence of cheese throughout the globe, including strainers coated in milk-fat molecules in Kuyavia, Poland dated around 5500BCE, murals in Egypt dated at 2000BCE, and a preserved cheese artefact in Xinjiang, China believed to be over 3,000 years old! European Imperialism spread its cheese varieties throughout Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, and ultimately the Americas.

Obviously, the most popular cheese is mozzarella. This delectable pizza topping cheese was initially made from the milk of water buffaloes near Naples. At the time, it rarely left its home near Naples, as it was made from pasteurised milk, and a lack of refrigeration meant it had a very limited shelf life. As cheese technology and refrigeration systems advanced, this delectable cheese departed the southern region of Italy to travel the globe.

The United States produces two varieties of mozzarella: low moisture and high moisture. Low moisture mozzarella contains less than 50% moisture, while high moisture mozzarella contains over 52%. Low-moisture products are manufactured specifically for transport and bulk production, as the lack of moisture extends their shelf life.

Today, cheese dishes are available on every continent as savoury, sweet, molten, deep-fried, and even frozen in ice cream. Even after thousands of years, this pantry staple can satiate any craving.

National Cheese Day 2023: Activities


Make a platter of your favourite cheeses to share with companions or enjoy alone. Try working with unfamiliar new and international varieties. Check out Pinterest for meat, wine, and vegetable pairing ideas.

Take a seminar on cooking.

You may be astonished by the number of educational opportunities centred on cheese. Discover how to make cheese at home, the best beverage and food pairings, or a novel cheesy dish. There are numerous methods to learn to appreciate this ancient culinary staple, including workshops, in-person classes, and online tutorials.

Prepare something

There are numerous cheese recipes to attempt, including classic comfort foods like mac and cheese, the tangy sweetness of cheesecake, and the contemporary refinement of stuffed pull apart bread. Why not attempt a new take on a family recipe or search the Internet for the most popular cheese? A ricotta cheese recipe with only five ingredients is a good place to begin.

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Five cheese-related facts that will blow your mind

It’s plant-based!

Okay, not exactly, but dairy-free cheese is experiencing a revival. In recent decades, food experimentation has made great strides, resulting in the availability of many plant-based cheese alternatives at major supermarkets and (if you’re fortunate) vegan butcher shops.

Americans shave the cheddar

Contrary to conventional belief, the United States is the largest producer of cheese, accounting for 29% of the global market. The top producing nations are the United States, Germany, France, and Italy, in that order.

Do not overlook the intestines

Rennet is curdled milk and complex enzymes located in the fourth stomach of a calf that has not yet been weaned. It is frequently added to the cheese-making process because it is believed to produce a bolder, more flavorful cheese.

Mediaeval curds

Today’s most popular cheeses, including gouda, cheddar, parmesan, and camembert, all gained popularity during or after the Middle Ages.

Cheesy Moon

The myth that the moon is composed of cheese may have originated in 1546 in “The Proverbs of John Heywood” which stated “The moon is made of a green cheese.” This is now understood to be more metaphorical than literal, with “green” referring to the moon’s youth or pristine condition.

National Cheese Day 2023: Significance

We enjoy introducing our taste buds to novel experiences! Today can be about so much more than cheese sampling. Wine, beer, proteins, vegetables, and desserts are all available, and we cannot wait.

National Cheese Day opens the door to a variety of new cultural experiences as a global food staple. We enjoy discovering new cuisines, cultures, and traditions.

We enjoy sharing buttery bread and creating new memories with our loved ones.

National Cheese Day 2023: Dates

Year Date Day
2023 June 4 Sunday
2024 June 4 Tuesday
2025 June 4 Wednesday
2026 June 4 Thursday
2027 June 4 Friday