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National Dante Day 2023: Date, Significance and How to Celebrate

On March 25, the amazing Italian author Dante Alighieri is honored on National Dante Day, or Dantedi as it is known in Italian.

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National Dante Day 2023: On March 25, the amazing Italian author Dante Alighieri is honored on National Dante Day, or Dantedi as it is known in Italian. The Divine Comedy, a work of art by Alighieri that detailed his voyage through Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise, is his most well-known work.

The narrative poem Divine Comedy by Dante is his best-known work. It depicts an imagined afterlife in both paradise and purgatory. Art Daily quotes Italian President Sergio Mattarella discussing the Divine Comedy’s “universality” and the poet’s continuing relevance to explain the late tribute. He claimed that the poetry appeals to us because it is about us. If you appreciate great writing, religion, or Italy, you must join them in honoring the man they call “il Sommo Poeta,” or “the Supreme Poet.”


During the 1910s, Dante acquired popularity in the United States. In 2000, it ranked 247th on the list of the most popular male names in the United States. However, its most popular year was 2000. In 2001, the name dropped to 248th place. Since that time, it has been one of the top 400 most popular masculine names. It ranked 311 in 2021, with 1,067 corresponding births. This statistic represented only 0.057% of all male births in 2021.
Dante is the given name of a number of well-known people. One such individual is the English poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti, who, along with William Holman Hunt and John Everett Millais, co-founded the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood in 1848. Dante Basco is an additional well-known individual. He is a Filipino-American voice, film, and television actor whose portrayal as Rufio in Steven Spielberg’s “Hook” is his most well-known. Former Brazilian volleyball player Dante Amaral claimed two Olympic silver medals as a member of his national team. Dante Giacosa is yet another notable individual with the name “Dante.” He was an Italian automobile designer who modified the front-wheel-drive layout to conform to industry standards.

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Study Dante

The best method to celebrate is to read some of Dante Alighieri’s well-known works. If you haven’t read any of his writings before, get prepare to immerse yourself in a stunning divine world. Take this opportunity to re-read Alighieri’s writings if you’re a die-hard fan who has already read them all and enjoy them once more. Reading the works in their original Italian will take you further.

Go to his grave

On National Dante Day, offer your respects to this legendary poet by visiting his grave in Ravenna. There are some sights you can see as well, such as the golden iron Greek Cross that Pope Paul VI gave and that Pope Francis blessed. Curiously, Alighieri also has a tomb constructed in Florence, his birthplace, despite the fact that his remains are not there.

Recite the “Inferno’s” prologue and epilogue.

On National Dante Day, the Italians have begun a custom of reciting the “Inferno.” You can join the millions of Alighieri admirers around the globe on March 25 at 6 o’clock by assembling on your balcony and reciting the first and last lines of one of his most well-known works.

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Dante and the Divine Comedy: 5 FACTS

First, just a joke

In order to indicate that his work had a happy conclusion, Alighieri titled it “Commedia” (comedy), but Boccaccio gave it the title “Divina.” (divine).

A truly remarkable inspiration

Even though he was married to another woman, Alighieri frequently extols and declares his love for Beatrice, a woman he first encountered when he was 12 and who passed away at the age of 25.

He also had an artist son.

Jacopo Alighieri, one of Alighieri’s three offspring, continued his father’s literary legacy by pursuing a career as a poet.

He worked in pharmacy.

Alighieri became a member of the Physicians’ and Apothecaries’ union, most likely because political involvement at the time in Italy required membership in a business or artisanal union.

The numerology of three

The number three appears frequently in the Divine Comedy—three Cantiche, 33 Cantos, 9 Circles of Hell, three Wild Animals, etc.—because Dante thought it to be significant.


Year Date Day
2023 March 25 Saturday
2024 March 25 Monday
2025 March 25 Tuesday
2026 March 25 Wednesday
2027 March 25 Thursday