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National Lobster Newburg Day 2023: Date, History and Facts

National Lobster Newburg Day on March 25 has already gotten all of our mouths watering here at National  Lobster Newburg Day.

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National Lobster Newburg Day on March 25 has already gotten all of our mouths watering here at National Lobster Newburg Day. Today, where culinary holidays are the only thing that get us excited. Imagine a golden-red lobster atop a bed of rich cream infused with the goodness of eggs, the nutty aromas of cayenne pepper and nutmeg, and a sprinkling of sherry; if you ask us, it sounds absolutely delicious! In alternate versions of the recipe, butter and/or cognac are called for. Nevertheless, regardless of the subtle variations, Lobster Newburg is an iconic dish in its own right. This famous dish was not created by a trained chef, but rather by a sea captain named Ben Wenburg. This is one of the most intriguing facts about it.


During his extensive travels, it was only natural for Ben Wenburg, a sea captain, to befriend the ocean and learn all of its mysteries. Seafood was also a significant component of his diet, as it was for the majority of sailors. These factors, coupled with limited food availability, led to Wenburg’s brilliant invention of Lobster Wenburg. You read that correctly. Lobster Newburg was formerly referred to as Lobster Wenburg.

Wenburg then recreated his dish in front of Charles Delmonico and Chef Charles Ranhofer, the former being the proprietor of the Delmonico’s restaurant in New York. Before adding the dish to the menu, the chef and his staff made minor adjustments to the recipe and gave it the name “Lobster à la Wien.” Numerous cafe customers adored the new menu item so much that it became an instant success. Nonetheless, after a dispute between Wenburg and Delmonico, the dish was regrettably removed.

However, not all was lost at sea. After much persuasion and demand from the cafe’s patrons, Delmonico reintroduced the dish, renaming it “Lobster Newburg.” The popularity of the lobster dish returned, bringing customers back to the café. There is no record of the exact date on which the first National Lobster Newburg Day was observed. People observe the day by consuming the dish and reaping the advantages of the powerful lobster.

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Sink your fangs into the mouthwatering dish

What are you doing, matey, if you are celebrating this day and you are not consuming Lobster Newburg? Visit Delmonico’s café to sample the dish and learn about its fascinating history. If you are unable to tour the location, don your chef’s hat and prepare the simple dish in the comfort of your own home.

Try additional delicious lobster dishes

Obviously, Lobster Newburg is our favorite dish, but that does not mean we disregard the deliciousness of other dishes. Discover new flavors that can be combined with the adored seafood item to break the monotony.

Support efforts to increase the global lobster population

The lobster population has gradually declined over the years as a result of pollution and overt human intervention. The most recent statistics indicate that crustaceans will be extinct by 2100. Donate to and/or support campaigns that work tirelessly for the improvement of marine life and the environment in general.


Literally, lobsters do not have emotions.

It has been scientifically demonstrated that lobsters experience no pain whatsoever.

Lobsters are capable of cannibalism

Lobsters are not only appetizing to humans; if they are crowded into confined spaces, they begin to consume one another.

The heaviest crustaceans are American.

The American lobster, also known as the marine lobster, is the heaviest, weighting more than 18 kilograms! This is in keeping with the American demand for larger and larger sizes of everything.

Lobsters are the healthiest cuisine available.

In addition to having fewer calories than chicken, this seafood is also enriched with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and potassium.

Lobsters can have either right or left claws.

Similar to humans, lobsters prioritize one claw over the other when performing daily activities.


Year Date Day
2023 March 25 Saturday
2024 March 25 Monday
2025 March 25 Tuesday
2026 March 25 Wednesday
2027 March 25 Thursday