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National Medical Coder Day 2023 (US): Date, History and Facts

Coders are dedicated to the classification and analysis of medical data.

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National Medical Coder Day

National Medical Coder Day is observed annually on May 23, and is a celebration of the labour and dedication of medical coders across the nation. Coders are dedicated to the classification and analysis of medical data. Companies, organisations, and even the government use the information gathered by medical coders to enhance the healthcare management system, as it is essential for its advancement.

The background of National Medical Coding Day

Medical coders are professionals who use various forms of code to analyse and classify various categories of medical data. This information is then shared with healthcare providers, government institutions, and international organisations for use in research, studies, and the continuous enhancement of their services. By utilising standardised coding, medical scribes are able to provide reliable data across a variety of other reports published on various dates.

Medical coders must have extensive knowledge of anatomy, medical terminology, and even legal aspects of the healthcare industry, as well as excellent computer or paper data administration skills, in order to produce the most accurate reports. These experts can perform their duties by adhering to three fundamentals: abstraction, assignment, and review. First, the coder reviews the patient’s medical history, then converts the information into code, and lastly, he or she verifies that the information collected and coded is pertinent to the report’s purpose.

Medical coders progress from trainee or entry-level to nosologist — an expert in the field with knowledge of multiple classification systems. Some courses in the United States offer certificates, degrees, and diplomas in medical coding. Prior to working on intermediate or senior level cases, students with a bachelor’s degree or higher are required to complete internships and handle less complex cases.


  • To become a medical coder, obtain certification through low-cost online courses.
  • The job is concentrated on data, making it ideal for an introvert who enjoys data.
  • As long as they have access to the internet, medical programmers can perform their duties from any location.
  • Employers provide excellent medical incentives to medical scribes.
  • Since everything is on the computer, programmers need not even get up to work.


Year Date Day
2023 May 23 Tuesday
2024 May 23 Thursday
2025 May 23 Friday
2026 May 23 Saturday
2027 May 23 Sunday