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National Teachers’ Day 2023 (US): Date, History, Significance and Facts

Everyone has had a favourite instructor who has inspired them. This day intended to recognise them was created by a teacher. Eleanor Roosevelt herself was the first lady in question.

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National Teachers’ Day 2023: Date, History, Significance and Facts

National Teachers’ Day 2023: National Teachers’ Day is celebrated on the first Tuesday of the first full week of May (May 9), and we are eager to express our gratitude to our teachers. Everyone has had a favourite instructor who has inspired them. This day intended to recognise them was created by a teacher. Eleanor Roosevelt herself was the first lady in question. Eleanor Roosevelt was more than the wife of Franklin D. Roosevelt; she had a history of civic duty and advocated for fellow educators. Her interest in education began at a tender age, when her aunt Anna “Barnie” Roosevelt encouraged and tutored her privately. No matter how far up the social ladder she climbed, she never neglected her roots. If your favourite teacher has inspired you to pursue a career in education, there are numerous scholarships available.


On May 9, teachers, instructors, senseis, and mentors are honoured on National Teachers Day.


In 1953, Eleanor Roosevelt addressed Congress in an effort to persuade them that teachers deserved a day to recognise their efforts. Prior to that moment, the commemoration of the day was ambiguous. It is believed that some schools in certain states were already observing the day, but she wanted to make it official because there was no distinct consensus.

Together with the Kansas State and Indiana State Boards of Education, the National Education Association (NEA) lobbied Congress to recognise the day. The first National Teachers’ Day did not become an official national holiday until 1980, despite her best efforts.

National Teachers’ Day was initially observed on March 7 until 1984, when it was shifted to May. It evolved into Teacher Appreciation Week with the help of the National PTA, giving teachers more time to luxuriate in appreciation. One year later, the NEA designated the first Tuesday of each week as National Teacher Appreciation Day.

Today, the official national day honours teachers through the giving of gifts and the heaping of praise from students and parents. On social media, the hashtags #TeacherAppreciationDay and #NationalTeachersDay are used to demonstrate how teachers have a global impact.

The customs of the day

A teacher’s responsibilities extend beyond the classroom. It could be a friend, a family member, or a mentor (just like Mr. Miyagi in “The Karate Kid”) who you admire or who has taught you valuable life lessons. The purpose of the day is to express gratitude to teachers for imparting knowledge and wisdom and inspiring us to be better versions of ourselves.

As tokens of appreciation, students send teachers cards and gifts. Teachers receive numerous mugs throughout the year, so gift vouchers are an excellent substitute. In the staff room, teachers hold get-togethers or small gatherings to commemorate the day.


  • The percentage of instructors who quit within their first three years on the job is 33%.
  • The estimated number of instructors in the United States is seven million.
  • 14% – the percentage by which instructors earn less than other professions requiring comparable levels of education.
  • The average number of hours a teacher works per day is ten.
  • The average number of hours worked per week by instructors is 52.
  • The proportion of teachers who expend their own money on classroom activities or students is 92.4%.
  • 2–3 times – the likelihood of minority teachers working in schools with significant rates of poverty and minority enrollment.
  • The average age of retirement for instructors is 59 years.
  • The percentage increase of men entering the teaching profession is 28%.
  • 20% – the proportion of public school instructors who hold a second job in addition to their teaching duties.

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Make it specific

Why not make it personal? A teacher can only consume so many fruits. Write a letter to your favourite teacher expressing how much you appreciate them. Be careful to provide specific examples, indicating that you have observed them. Once they realise the impact they’ve had, it will undoubtedly warm their souls.

Offer your support

The teacher’s responsibility can be substantial. Long hours at school and after school, in addition to having to account for every pupil in their classes, can be challenging for teachers. Offering assistance can assist in lightening their burden. Perhaps they require assistance cleaning their room or grading papers. These modest actions cumulatively make a significant difference.

Instagram it

With their permission, share the photos on your social media account and describe what makes them stand out. We all require inspiration on occasion, including those whose task it is to inspire. By recognising them on a larger stage, you can uplift their spirits and encourage other students to consider the instructors who have impacted their lives.


With the First Lady dancing

Early in her career, Eleanor Roosevelt was a dance and callisthenics instructor.

Numbers game

There are over 3 million K-12 instructors and over 55 million students in the United States.

Going astray

The state of Massachusetts honours teachers on the first Sunday of June, presumably to give them a break from labour.

Pre K-12

educators constitute the largest occupational category in the United States.

Retirement Advantages

Because the majority of teachers are employed by public institutions, they are eligible for 401(k) and 403(b) retirement plans.


We observe that teachers undertake so much while requesting so little.

Their job is one of the most essential in the world, as they shape the minds of children and teach them valuable lessons. In order for them to perform their duties effectively, it is only fair to encourage them so that tomorrow will be brighter.

They adhere to you

If you question a famous athlete or musician who their favourite teacher was, they probably already have a name in mind. Life is difficult and self-doubt is common, but our favourite teachers know just when to encourage us and remind us of our potential. They recognise our grandeur before we do, which merits respect.

Knowledge is strength

Our greatest resource is knowledge, and teachers are its providers. Teaching is an ancient occupation. Everyone from Albert Einstein to Aristotle were educators who had an immeasurable impact on the world. This legacy of continued knowledge must be preserved so that we may continue to learn and develop.


Year Date Day
2021 May 4 Tuesday
2022 May 3 Tuesday
2023 May 9 Tuesday
2024 May 7 Tuesday
2025 May 6 Tuesday