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National Yo-Yo Day 2023 (US): Date, History, Significance, Facts

Some believe that yo-yos originated in ancient Greece, but it is more probable that they originated in the Philippines.

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National Yo-Yo Day
National Yo-Yo Day

National Yo-Yo Day: Yo-yos have existed for over 2,000 years, so if it seems like they’ve been around eternally, you’re correct. Some believe that yo-yos originated in ancient Greece, but it is more probable that they originated in the Philippines. In fact, the term “yo-yo” appeared in a Filipino dictionary for the first time in 1860. However, they did not gain popularity in America until the 1930s. In 1928, Pedro Flores (who was of Filipino descent) began mass-producing yo-yos. After hosting promotional contests, he caught the attention of Donald F. Duncan Sr, who thought these yo-yos were cool! Duncan bought Flores out and appointed him to manage the marketing campaigns, and the rest is history.

This iconic toy is now synonymous with the Duncan Toy Company. However, neither Duncan nor Flores conceived of National Yo-Yo Day. No, that distinction belongs to Daniel Volk, a yo-yo expert whose skill contributed to the toy’s popularity. In fact, he co-starred in “The Yo-Yo-Yo Man Instructional Video” with the Smothers Brothers.

To honour his employer, Volk established National Yo-yo Day on June 6, which he believed to be Duncan’s birthday. Duncan’s birthday is actually on June 8, but it’s the thought that counts, right? Since 1990, National Yo-yo Day has been celebrated on June 6, so why change a good thing? We surely will not do so. Therefore, channel your inner child and let’s begin the festivities!

National Yo-Yo Day: Activities

Have a yo-yo celebration!

Consider this as a yo-yo potluck. Guests are encouraged to bring food, but the most important thing is to bring a distinctive yo-yo. These may be vintage, new, or, if you are a true enthusiast, custom. Even a delicacy inspired by yo-yos would suffice. You would be amazed by the variety of cakes and cookies that people can create.

Conduct a yo-yo contest.

If you wish to engage in a cordial or unfriendly competition, today is the day to do so. Everyone can perform their most impressive feats, and the audience will vote on the victor. If you want to sweeten the transaction, consider including yo-yo-related prizes. Yes, these could be the actual toys; however, don’t neglect about the treats inspired by yo-yos. People are sometimes more fond of cake than yo-yos (strange, right?).

Share the day’s events on social media.

On National Yo-Yo Day, a lot occurs, so you’ll want to document the festivities. Share images and videos of the most impressive tricks, yo-yo designs, and other inventive delights. If the score has not been determined prior to uploading, social media can be an effective method to settle the dispute. Polls are simple to create, so allow your friends and family to vote.

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National Yo-Yo Day: Significance

Remember the popularity of yo-yos in the 1990s? Even if you desired to forget, it would be impossible. Everything was labelled as “extreme,” thereby making everything exceedingly memorable. This, combined with television advertisements that demonstrated tricks, is the ideal recipe for nostalgia. Once upon a time, doing “walk the dog” made one appear sophisticated. Who wouldn’t want to recapture some of that enchantment? And you can share that enchantment with your family’s children. Just don’t get angry if they surpass you (“walk-the-dog” is so 1990s).

Yo-yos are not typical indoor playthings. If you were one of the children who believed this, your parents are likely still grappling with the consequences. However, playing outside provides you and your yo-yo with much-needed breathing room. No one enjoys being confined on a gorgeous summer day, but sometimes the heat prevents you from venturing outdoors. With the added motivation to practise some new skills, it will be difficult to convince you to return indoors. Your boss should not be one of these individuals, so your lunch break might not be the ideal time to practise ‘cat’s cradle’.

Did you know that they were formerly referred to as bandalores, Jou-Jous, and quizzes? In addition, yo-yos were predominantly manufactured of wood until Duncan partnered with Flambeau in 1955. Even if none of this is asked at trivia, you will have bragging rights as the crew’s yo-yo expert.

National Yo-Yo Day: Dates

Year Date Day
2023 June 6 Tuesday
2024 June 6 Thursday
2025 June 6 Friday
2026 June 6 Saturday
2027 June 6 Sunday


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