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Aleppo: UN Security Council to vote on sending observers

The United Nations Security Council will vote on Sunday on a French proposal to send observers to the Syrian city of Aleppo to monitor evacuation and report on the protection of civilians. Despite resistance from Russia, the council will meet at 8:30 pm IST to decide on the draft resolution.[Read More…]

Seoul: Supporters of impeached Prez clash with protesters     

Supporters of South Korean President Park Geun-hye, who has been impeached over a corruption scandal, clashed with anti-Park protesters on Saturday.   Hundreds of thousands of protesters have thronged the streets of Seoul on recent weekends, demanding her resignation over the influence-peddling scandal involving a close friend.   The impeachment[Read More…]

50 days will give relief for 50 years, says Amit Shah

BJP President Amit Shah on Saturday said that government understand people’s difficulty due to demonetisation of higher currency notes, but these 50 days will provide relief from black money for the coming 50 years. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had sought 50 days to ease the hardship. “We know line is[Read More…]

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