Gujarati samaj to fine Rs 200 on failing to finish food
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Penalty for wasting food: Gujarati samaj to fine Rs 200 on failing to finish food

A Gujarati community in Bhopal has planned to charge a fine of Rs 200 on people who fail to finish their food and leave food on their plates at any social or religious function organised on the premises of the Gujarat Samaj Bhavan here.

“The decision is taken after we found dustbins overflowing with discarded food at a special dinner organised on the premises of the Bhavan as part of a Garba event,” said Sanjay Patel, state president of the Samaj.

In case any violator manages to escape out without paying fine, the CCTV camera is installed to keep a track of it and after identification of the person a letter would be sent at his home asking him to pay.

Indians rarely waste much food in restaurants, but when it comes to marriages, festivals and other occasions, we as a nation waste a lot of food without caring about the large percentage of our people that go hungry each day. The levels of poverty, hunger and deprivation are so high in our country and little attention is paid to this by the well-to-do citizens and the politicians of our country.

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As per the media report dated 8 May 2010, the government has acknowledged that our country wastes Rs 58,000 crore worth of food items every year due to lack of or poor storage facilities. The condition of the godowns in the country is not good and that is resulting in the rotting of good grain.

Efforts need to be taken to protect and preserve foodgrain for the benefit of the large number of poor in our society who are struggling to survive on a single meals a day.

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