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Prince Kuhio Day 2023: Date, History and Significance

Jonah Khi Kalanianaole was a prince of the Kingdom of Hawaii until 1893, when a coalition of American and European merchants overthrew the monarchy.

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Prince Kuhio Day 2023: Prince Kuhio Day is celebrated annually on March 26 to honour the People’s Prince. Prince Kuhio was a Hawaiian prince who fought for his people’s liberties. He was best known for passing the Hawaiian Homes Act and initiating legislation to declare Hawaii a state of the United States.


Jonah Khi Kalanianaole was a prince of the Kingdom of Hawaii until 1893, when a coalition of American and European merchants overthrew the monarchy. Later, he represented the Territory of Hawaii as a delegate to the United States Congress, making him the only member of Congress who was born into nobility.

Prince Kuhio, as he is commonly referred to, was also known as the Prince of the People, and his efforts to preserve and strengthen the Hawaiian people are well-known. Born on March 26, 1871, he was titled heir after his maternal aunt, Queen Liliuokalani, adopted him in 1884. In 1895, at the age of 24, he participated in the Royalist uprising against the new republic, which led to his apprehension and conviction for treason.

On September 1, 1902, Kuhio joined the Republican Party and was nominated to run for Congress under their banner. Khi was then elected as a Republican delegate to the United States Congress, and subsequently won ten consecutive elections.

In 1918, Kuhio founded the first Hawaiian Civic Club and assisted New England suffragist Almira Hollander Pitman in passing the women’s suffrage measure. In 1919, he introduced the first-ever Hawaii Statehood Act. The Hawaiian Homes Commission Act, which provided homesteads for native Hawaiians, was ratified in 1921 after he introduced it in 1920. Hawaii became the 50th state in 1959, after he introduced a second measure to make it a full-fledged state.

Khi passed away on January 7, 1922, and a holiday honouring him was established in 1949. Prince Kuhio Day is now observed annually on March 26, his birthday. As part of his legacy, the Hawaiiian Civic Club provides several scholarships to Native Hawaiian students.

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Find out about him

There is so much more to discover about Prince Kuhio, his fight for justice, and the origin of this day. Use today to conduct investigation and learn everything you can about the prince of the people.

Enjoy a festival

The citizens of Hawaii observe this day as a public holiday by holding parades and festivals. Attend one of the parades and mingle with the residents if you find yourself in the state at this time.

Attend a ceremony at the cemetery

Prince Kuhio Day is observed by many by attending special services at Oahu’s Royal Mausoleum, where Prince Kuhio is interred. By witnessing a special service, you can learn more about the prince’s heritage and history.


He served as the final Prince of Hawaii.

After Kuhio ascended to the throne, the monarchy was deposed and replaced by a government, leaving no space for royals.

He engaged in combat in South Africa.

During his time in Africa, Khi joined the British Army and helped them win the Second Boer War.

One of California’s first surfers

Prince Kuhio and his siblings pioneered the sport of surfing while attending school in California.

A institution from which President Obama graduated.

Prior to the president’s enrollment, it was known as O’ahu College, but the name was changed to Punahou.

He had a club for males.

Khi reportedly leased an apartment in Washington, D.C., which he named the Bird’s Nest and decorated with hunting trophies from Africa.


Everyone’s liberties are essential

Prince Kuhio fought for the Hawaiian people’s liberties. This day commemorates him and his tenacious advocacy, highlighting the significance of standing up for what is right.

It serves as a model

Prince Kuhio Day is evidence of the effectiveness of doing good and standing up for what is right. The prince’s legacy of integrity ensures that he will be remembered as one of Hawaii’s foremost leaders. Being ethical goes a very long way.

It is monumental for Hawaii’s citizens.

Prince Kuhio was responsible for Hawaii joining the United States as an official state. In addition, he passed a number of bills that improved the livelihoods of the Hawaiian people. This day recognises his monumental contributions to Hawaiian history.\


Year Date Day
2023 March 26 Sunday
2024 March 26 Tuesday
2025 March 26 Wednesday
2026 March 26 Thursday
2027 March 26 Friday