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PUBG anti-cheats and reporting feature: Basic hacks to follow

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, which is abbreviated as PUBG had released an all-new snow map called Vikendi in the game. After introducing day/night mode to the game and later the fourth map (Vikendi), PUBG had also banned over 30,000 accounts, which also includes accounts of pro-players who used cheat codes during gameplay.

After Radar Hack Cheat code ban on pro players like TEXQS, Papaya, Cageman, PlayerJones, Hoffmann88, Sezk0, Houlow, Kragen, PUBG has now released an Anti-Cheat and Reporting feature in the game which can be used to report players in real time if unfair means of gameplay is used, or is suspected to use cheat codes or hacks in the game.

Radar Hack Cheat code helps player using the cheat code by allowing them to see other player positions via a second monitor or a smartphone application.

PUBG anti-cheat and reporting feature:

  • PUBG has a vigilante software system called BattlEye, which is a proactive anti-cheat protection system that puts a strong shield around the entire game.
  • This BattlEye system spots the users using cheat codes and gradually corrupts their data and throws them out of the game.
  • PUBG has also launched reporting feature by which users can report players in real time if unfair means of gameplay is used, or is suspected to use cheat codes or hacks in the game.
  • Players can also report their team players while playing in a squad, if their team player indulges in team-killing or injuring their own team player.
  • Reporting your own team player would lead to decrease their merit ratings, which is 100 initially and if merit ratings go under 60 then they will be unable to join squad or duo matches until they increase their rating by playing solo matches.

PUBG Hacks; Things to know if you are an avid PUBG player:

  • Keep your microphone on ‘team’ or ‘off’ rather than keeping it on ‘all’ as it will expose you to other team players who are listening to you.
  • Go prone or at least crouch in case enemy appears suddenly.
  • Always use the covers to move and keep an eye at your surroundings so that you don’t get ambushed.
  • Try to be tactical and make sure you are hard to spot. Stay under ridge lines as you move through the high ground, sprinting, jumping and moving in a random manner in the open makes you a hard target to shoot at.
  • Know your weapons and attachments wisely. Use suppressors, compensators, scopes, and other attachments according to your weapons.
  • Keep you kill shots high but never forget the main objective of the game is to survive which will boost your experience points and ratings after the game ends.
  • Use smoke grenades for reviving teammates and throw frag grenades on enemies when an enemy is not visible but is hiding somewhere near you.

The second best selling game in the world, with over 50 million copies sold, and with over 87 million daily players, PUBG has really hit the sweet spot in the gaming industry.

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