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Punjab: Man funds fiance’s Canada trip, kills self after woman betrays and refuses to return

In an appalling incident, a young man committed suicide by swallowing poison after her fiancé betrayed him. The woman went to Canada after his fiancée spends 20 lakh rupees. Upon reaching Canada, the young woman first broke contact on the phone and in the last phone call she told him that she had engaged him just to go to Canada.

Police have registered a case of murder and fraud on the fiancée and his parents. No one has been arrested yet.

Police told that Makkhan Singh, resident of village Burj Dunn, has lodged a complaint to the police that in September 2018, he had engaged his 19-year-old son Gurpreet Singh with Jaspreet Kaur resident Badhni Kalan. They had spent Rs.20 lakhs including Jaspreet Kaur’s Ilets fees for Canada. It was a good first, but from February 2019, she stopped talking to his son on the phone.

On May 19, Gurpreet Singh’s talked with Jaspreet Kaur for the last time. Jaspreet Kaur said that she had done a fake engagement with Gurpreet Singh to go to Canada. She also told him to forget her and she will never call him to Canada. After this conversation, Gurpreet Singh swallowed poison at the same time.

Gurpreet was admitted to Moga’s private hospital, where he died. ASI said that on Makan Singh’s statement, the case has been registered against fiance Jaspreet Kaur, his mother Baljeet Kaur and father Gurmeet Singh.

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