Rabbit ears or Raven's beak? Viral video has left netizens baffled
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Rabbit ears or Raven’s beak? Viral video has left netizens baffled

A video is making rounds on social media leaving millions of people divided over what animal is shown in the video.

Posted by Daniel Quintana, a senior researcher in biological psychiatry at the University of Oslo in Norway, the video below hows a hand affectionately petting an animal. However, people are unable to decide if the animal is a fuzzy black bunny, or a sleek raven?

It has been viewed over 3.3 million times triggering a fierce debate whether the animal is a bunny or a bird.

Inspired by a classic drawing that has had people puzzling for decades if it depicts a rabbit or a duck, Dan saw the video online and gave that question a very modern reiteration.

Here’s how people on twitter reacted


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