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Rahmani 30’s record success in engineering competitive exams

A total of 134 students of Rahmani 30 had participated in this examination, in which 68 students were successful while last year 55 students qualified.

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Rahmani 30's excellent results in JEE Main and JEE Advance despite Covid-19 pandemic

Despite the lack of educational activities during the lock-down, the students of Rahmani 30 have achieved tremendous success due to the untiring hard work of the teachers and administration of Rahmani 30, even in the unsuitable environment. And in spite of all kinds of difficulties have secured good rank and set an example. This remarkable achievement of the students of Rahmani 30 shows that even in the lack of resources and adversity, if one works with courage and patience and works hard having faith upon Allah, can get great success. Lack of resources and adverse circumstances do not hinder success.

The students of Rahmani30 have made an astonishing success despite the covid-19 pandemic in JEE Advanced, one of the toughest engineering undergraduate level exams. A total of 134 students of Rahmani 30 had participated in this examination, in which 68 students were successful while last year 55 students qualified. Apart from this, a total of 218 students had participated in JEE Main, out of which 185 students have been successful. In JEE Main, 113 students scored 90 percentile or above.Like every year, this year also the students have got very good ranks with commendable performance. Zaurez Ahmed has secured All India 393 rank and 28 category rank. Among the girl students, Mantasha Firdous has achieved success with a good number. Shahnawaz Hussain in Physics, Zeya Bilal, Rayan Suleman in Chemistry and Rayan Suleman in Maths got 100 percentile in JEE Mains.
IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) is the topmost and most prestigious engineering institute in the country and it is also the most prominent institution among the Institute of National Importance.

The INI category was established by an Act of the Indian Parliament. It aims to provide recognition and specialized funding to educational institutions essential to the continued success of Indian innovation. By taking the above mentioned competitive exams at INI, students can avail advanced education, suitable research facilities and international research opportunities. The education at INI is practically free or highly subsidized.

The entire team of Rahmani Program of Excellence (Rahmani 30) is encouraged and satisfied with these outstanding results during this global pandemic of COVID-19. The back to back two lockdowns, which occurred in two consecutive years, have badly affected educational activities at the national level, like other activities. All the students from the coaching center were sent home twice. But the management of Rahmani Program of Excellence continued to arrange online classes and tests in both the lock downs and ensured that every student had an internet device through which they could continue their classes, write class reports and take exams. A lot of work was done all across the day with the students. However, if there was better arrangement of resources like computers, stable internet, availability of electricity etc. the performance of the students would have been much better.

Rahmani Program of Excellence is working in many cities of the country like Patna, Jehanabad (Bihar), Aurangabad, Khuldabad (Maharashtra) in addition medical and engineering centers in Bangalore working hard to improve the future of Muslim minority students. In these centers, the students from different states of the country as well as the NRI students from abroad are preparing for competitive examinations under the supervision of Rahmani Program of Excellence. Rahmani-30’s excellent program has become a guarantee of success in competitive examinations.

The Rahmani Program of Excellence (Rahmani30), under its mentor organization, the Rahmani Foundation, is effectively turning the educational desperation of the minority community into hope and confidence, making its learning process more effective with each passing year.

on this occasion Hazrat Ameer-e- Shariat Maulana Ahmad Wali Faisal Rahmani, the guardian and patron of Rahmani30, while congratulating the successful students, said in his message that surely all the success and achievement are the results of hard work of tean and students, and the prayers of Mofakkir-e-Islam Hazrat Maulana Mohammad Wali Rahmani, the seventh Ameer-e- Shariat of Bihar, Odisha and Jharkhand and is a testimony to the acceptance of the blessings of the founder of Rahmani30 and the realization of the dreams envisioned by him for the bright future of Muslim students.

Fahad Rahmani (CEO Rahmani 30) said that this achievement is definitely achieved due to the tireless efforts of former DGP of Bihar, Abhyanand, by his efficient Academic leadership and guidance as well as the tireless hard work of the faculty, management and other staff. This has been possible only through identification of the target and recognition of the goal and mutual cooperation by the students and their parents.

“Without the cooperation of all of us, such a historic achievement would never have been possible.” He said.
Fahad Rehmani remembering his late father Hazrat Maulana Mohammad Wali Rahmani says that on one occasion I was disappointed with the result of this year but father gave me encouragement. Taking courage from his words, I started work with incomplete and insufficient resources and Allah has given this success which is source of motivation for many. He promised that under the able leadership of Hazrat Ameer E Shariat Maulana Ahmad Wali Faisal Rahmani, Rahmani30 will not only maintain but exceed its year over year performance growth.


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