Rahul Ram’s hilarious Lok Sabha election parody ‘Chunaav ka Mahina’ steals the show
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Rahul Ram’s hilarious Lok Sabha election parody ‘Chunaav ka Mahina’ steals the show

Rahul Ram’s new song ‘Chunaav ka Mahina’ is a sarcastic yet hilarious take on the upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2019. Amid the election season, there is a lot of elections parody doing rounds on the social media. But, Rahul Ram’s parody has stood out from all of them.

1967 film ‘MIlan’ song “Sawan Ka Mahina’ has been made in a parody form by the artist ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.

The hilarious lyrics in the song will make you laugh harder from the very first paragraph. The starting of the song says “chunaav ka mahina he mach Gaya chor, Phir Aaya he time to choose who will screw us more” (This is election month and amid the brouhaha is your time to choose who will be the best among the worst).

The song also gives a warning of the political discourse hitting a new low by citing the example of Rahul Gandhi when bragged about being a brahmin or other leaders spread hate. Chunaav Ka Mahina” spares none – not even Mayawati or Mamata Banerjee for their ambition to capture power, not desire to serve people.

Not only this but as the election inch closer there are several songs on the social media that speak volumes about the upcoming election and condition of common man.

Also, the election season has captured various memes on the political parties and political leaders that will make you laugh in every way possible. The parties have also indulged themselves in making parodies against their competitors.

Amid the serious elections, these funny banters are not to be missed and is one of the best things about the upcoming elections 2019.

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