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Reality shows are not Supreme Court where you expect extreme truth and justice: Gaurav Chopra

By Radha Mishra
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Reality shows are not Supreme Court where you expect extreme truth and justice: Gaurav Chopra

TV actor Gaurav Chopra’s elimination from controversial show Bigg Boss 10 came as a sudden shock to the entire nation. During his stay inside the BB house, Gaurav Chopra held his calm and composure so well that it was being termed too good to be true. And even if one talks to him in person, he or she wouldn’t feel much of a difference except that he is very much clear in his mind about what he wants.

Days after his eviction, Gaurav had an exclusive chat with Newsd, wherein, he talked about his overall experience with the reality shows, his surprise eviction, his closeness with friend Bani and lot more. Let’s find out what the actor has to say:

Q: At a time when you were seen as a probable winner, your eviction from Bigg Boss house shocked the entire nation. What, you have to say on it?

Gaurav: Ahh… It’s a reality show. Things happen. Sometimes there are some surprises, twists and turns. This is my 8th or 9th reality show. So I know how it works. At some level, I wasn’t reacting too much to it, but then I came out and there was this absolute tsunami of support from people. My phone was not stopping. I was trending on twitter at no 1 at that night. And then there was bring back Gaurav movement that was going on.  Colors TV was also doing a poll on twitter apparently on whether people are missing me? So I don’t know what’s going on.

But, personally, as an actor, who went to a show and then came out suddenly… while I was inside I had no idea whether people were liking me or understanding me or not. But when I came out and saw the support, it feels really nice and I am actually overwhelmed to the love I am receiving. I would just like to say ‘thank you.’

Q: How will you describe your overall experience in the BB House? Do you consider it as another turning point in your career?

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Gaurav: Well, that I don’t know whether it will be a turning point or not. But whenever we try and do something, we just hope that it works in our favor and I hope the same. In terms of the journey, I was skeptical initially and wasn’t sure about what I am getting into. I said, no to the shows almost 5, 6 times earlier. But this time, things fell into the place without much effort.

The only thing I was sure of that I didn’t want to compromise with my standard and values that I live by outside. I think people took time to understand it. But, for me it was important that if I involved in a fight it should be worthwhile.

Q: What you have to say on your relationship with VJ Bani?

Gaurav: Well, like I said, I was being very real on the show. There was no agenda. So everything was real. My affection for her was real. Her way is different but everything is real and true.

Q: What attracts you the most in her (Bani)?

Gaurav: Her honesty.

Q: So, on that note, do you agree that ‘opposite’ attracts?

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Gaurav:  Opposite complements each-others.

Q: You have been termed ‘Boring’ on several occasions? Do you agree?

Gaurav: See, Bigg Boss is not a platform to judge someone’s personality. And even if people find me boring, it is perfectly fine for me.

Q: Who, according to you, should win the show and why?

Gaurav: Bani or Rohan. If they win, I will be happy.

Q: Usually, it is said that reality shows are scripted. Since you were a part of at least 9, 10 such shows, what’s your take on it?

Gaurav: I won’t say it is scripted. But yes, there are makers who put effort to entertain people. You cannot expect reality shows to be like a supreme court where there will be supreme justice and truth. It is made for a purpose of entertainment. Bigg Boss is not a person, it is a voice and there are lot many people behind that voice.

Q: Daily soaps, host, dance, reality shows, and films — you have done it all. Now, what is your ultimate goal?

Gaurav: There’s no ultimate goal. It is a process.

Q: Describe them in one word: 

Priyanka Jagga —

Gaurav: Needs to calm down

VJ Bani —

Gaurav: Childlike

Q: What do you think about the current TV serial trend? Do you think it should change?

Gaurav: Well, it is progressing and many people are involved in the process to make it better. But, whatever is going on is what people also enjoy watching. There are audiences for it as well. Makers too have an aim to make money. So, yes it should change and will happen gradually.