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Red Mitten Day 2023: Activities, History, Dates, FAQs, and Facts about Mittens

Canadians display their admiration and support for the national Olympic team through the donning of crimson mittens.

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Red Mitten Day 2023 Activities, History, Dates, FAQs, and Facts About Mittens

Red Mitten Day 2023: Red Mitten Day is annually observed on November 21 in Canada. The purpose of this holiday is to promote Canadian pride among Olympic athletes and in the Olympic events as a whole. Canadians display their admiration and support for the national Olympic team through the donning of crimson mittens. The “Red Mitten” Program is observed in order to provide support for Canadian Olympic athletes. Mittens are available in sizes ranging from infant to adult, allowing every Canadian to show support for their nation’s athletes. Red mittens symbolize the benevolence, dignity, and distinction of each Canadian citizen. Additionally, they serve to keep those fingertips warm and cozy.

Red Mitten Day History

The Hudson’s Bay Company (H.B.C.) Foundation, the charitable arm of H.B.C., established Red Mitten Day in 2017. Specializing in general merchandise and apparel, H.B.C. has experienced substantial expansion since the 17th century. The initial red mittens featured the national emblem of Canada, a maple leaf, in a white and red design. The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver were the impetus for the establishment of this day. Among the most frequently worn items of apparel by athletes during the 2010 Winter Olympics were HBC’s red mittens, which prominently featured a Canadian maple leaf.

Red mittens were sold for $10 per pair, generating substantial profits for H.B.C. The organization contributed one-third of its profits to the Canadian Olympic Committee as a consequence. Red mittens have been the symbol of National Red Mitten Day ever since.

Later, H.B.C. established the “Red Mitten” Program in support of Canadian athletes. The program has facilitated charitable contributions to Olympic athletes from Canadian citizens. Hudson’s Bay or thebay.com donates $3.90 C.D.N. for each pair of $15 C.D.N. mittens purchased in support of Canadian athletes. Contributions from the “Red Mittens” fund enable next-generation athletes and Canadian Olympians to have access to the resources that comprise a world-class training environment, including coaching, sports medicine, nutrition, and high-quality equipment.

H.B.C. has facilitated the purchase of the “Red Mittens” by hosting special appearances by Canadian athletes and setting up mobile pop-up businesses in select locations.

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FAQs for Red Mitten Day 2023

From what material do mitts originate?

Mittens are constructed from an assortment of materials, including leather, fur, and wool.

Do mitts outperform gloves?

Mittens offer superior thermal insulation in comparison to mittens due to their reduced surface area that is in direct contact with the cold.

Do infants require mittens?

Some individuals argue that mittens are necessary to prevent infants from self-scratching, while others suggest that the issue can be resolved by simply trimming the infants’ fingernails.

Day of Red-Mittent Activities

Flaunt your headwear

Naturally, donning your crimson mittens is advised. Additionally, you may purchase a pair for a loved one from H.B.C. outlets or thebay.com in order to assist them in attending the celebration.

Exhibit your headwear

Share a photograph of your garments on social media platforms. Remember to include the hashtags #RedMittenDay and #NationalRedMittensDay.

Inform others

Inform your family and acquaintances about this holiday and its significance. Motivate them to purchase crimson mitts as a show of solidarity with the Olympic athletes.

Five Aspects of Mittens

Invented mitts for the kitchen

In the 1870s, in Texas, Earl Mitt, an American baker, devised mittens made of leather and wool.

Particular insulation

Paper was utilized as an insulating material within mitts during the 1980s.

An alternative variety of mittens

Gloveless mitts are utilized when performing delicate tasks.

Mittens designed for hunters

The invention of Mittens with a flap situated in the palm of the mitten in the 1930s enabled hunters to discharge their weapons with their free fingers.

Mittens with regard to geography

Due to its configuration, the Lower Peninsula of Michigan is referred to as “The Mitten.”


Year Date Day
2023 November 21 Tuesday
2024 November 21 Thursday
2025 November 21 Friday
2026 November 21 Saturday
2027 November 21 Sunday