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Remembering eminent writer Doodhnath Singh on his 85th Birth Anniversary

White kurta-dhoti on body, tall stature, bag hanging from shoulder. Glasses in the eye, a patient-serious face and a gleaming satisfaction of creation…. This was the storyteller Dudhnath Singh. That is, such a pillar of the rich literary tradition of the city from where the model of the sixty-three story was created.

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Remembering eminent writer Doodhnath Singh on his 85th Birth Anniversary

Doodhnath Singh says that the edge of words is sharper than the edge of a sword. Known for his short and graceful white beard, arrogance, carelessness and his outspoken style, the storyteller used to reprimand anyone on stage or in a meeting for the wrong thing. Such was Dudhnath Singh, the author of the man with the flat face.

Diary to be published in book form

After a few pages of the diary came out, there was a stir in the literary world and now the whole diary is going to be published. Dudhnath Singh wrote seven diaries in 15 years. In the diaries, there is commentary on the work, personality, behavior and writings of the writers. He has exposed the true ‘trick, character and face’ of the writers. Dudhnath has also commented about himself. That diary is about to be published in the form of a book titled ‘Chapne Ke Liye Nahi’. His disciple Sudhir Singh is trying to get the book published in four to five months.

About whom would Dudhnath have written? The creators are apprehensive about it. Sudhir Singh explains that the diary contains important comments on many creators. The name ‘not to be printed’ was suggested by Guru Dudhnath. I was instructed not to truncate too much in the diary. I am working accordingly.

Born in Ballia, Dudhnath came to Prayagraj and stayed here

Born on 17 October 1936 in Ballia district, story writer Dudhnath Singh came to Prayagraj in 1956 and lived here. After doing MA from Allahabad University in 1958, Dudhnath Singh started wandering for jobs. Dudhnath’s friend, senior litterateur Prof. Rajendra Kumar calls him a unique creator. It is said that with the storyteller, Dudhnath had written brilliantly in poetry, drama, novels and criticism. Critic Ravinandan Singh says that Dudhnath was addicted to reading and writing. Seminars, literary upheavals, gossip, plenty of housing were obstacles in the way of their livelihood.

Could not publish Guru’s book

Dudhnath Singh wanted to get the Granthavali of his Guru Dr. Dhirendra Verma’s entire books published by Rajkamal Prakashan. He had gathered the details. But, his death on 12 January 2018 stopped the work. Amod Maheshwari, director of Rajkamal, says that the material of the publication is with Animesh, son of Dudhnath, talks are going on with him.

Everyone’s responsibility to save memories

Eminent writer Mamta Kalia said that Dudhnath Singh did a lot for fiction. He used restrained and simple language in his writing. Now it is the responsibility of his disciples and society to save the memories of Dudhnath Singh. Literary writer Anupam Anand said that Dudhnath Singh had helped me a lot in my research. He was a conscious creator and possessed of a simple personality. The compositions were first self centered which later became society centric. Senior poet Harishchandra Pandey said that Dudhnath Singh was rich in versatility.

A compilation of letters will be published ‘Dear Dudhnath’

Sudhir Singh, who was very close to Dudhnath Singh, said that many meaningful efforts have been started to save the memories of Dudhnath Singh. In this, a book named ‘Dear Dudhnath’ will be published through letters sent to Dudhnath Singh from his author friends and his diary. It has been edited by his last research student, Vibhu Prakash. Also a lecture series has been started in his memory. Its first lecture will be on October 20. He said that 50 researchers are doing research on the fiction of Dudhnath.


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