Canada and Britain to cooperate against radicalisation

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and Theresa May, leading Uk, have taken an oath to counter all forms of radicalisation, Indian Express reported. May offered her condolences through a phone call, over the mosque shooting tragedy which shook Quebec on January 29 killing six innocents, according to the Canadian[Read More…]

US forces admit killing 33 Afghani civilians during air raids

NATO confirmed Thursday that air raids in Afghanistan by US forces targeting Taliban have killed 33 Afghan citizens. Twenty-seven other civilians were wounded in the village of Boz in Kunduz city, a statement from US Forces Afghanistan said on Thursday. The incident on November 3 saw US and Afghan troops carrying[Read More…]

NATO deploys forces on Russia border, Britain-US send support

In what is being considered as NATO’s biggest military build-up on Russia’s borders since the Cold War, Britain promised to deploy fighter jets to Romania next year along with United States’ commitment of supplying troops, tanks and artillery to Poland. The other ally nations including Germany and Canada have also[Read More…]

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