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Two minors get life term for murder under juvenile law

A sessions court in Jhabua on Tuesday sentenced two teenagers to life imprisonment for the murder of another teenager. Radhu Nana Palia, 16, was stabbed in Jhabua on December 5, 2016. He was allegedly killed for Rs500. Palia was rushed to a local hospital after the incident. Two minors, a[Read More…]

Vijay Mallya fired from United Breweries board

India’s United Breweries has sacked “King of Good Times”, Vijay Mallya from the post of the non-executive chairman role following an order from the country’s market regulator late this Wednesday. The UB Group said the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has barred Mallya from holding key managerial roles[Read More…]

Delhi registered 140 rape cases in January 2017

Unfortunately, Delhi alone has registered about 140 cases of rape and 238 cases of molestation in January this year alone. 43 and 133 cases respectively remain unsolved. The number of rape cases registered in 2016 was 2,155, of which 291 were unsolved, while there were 4,165 molestation cases of which[Read More…]

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