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Kerala: Marriages to follow green-protocol

Kerala: Marriages to follow green-protocol

Kerala government is all set to make the marriages nature-friendly with the announcement of a green protocol. The implementation of the protocol includes the exclusion of all the non-degradable articles. Disposable glasKerala: Marriages to follow green-protocol ses, thermocol decorations and plates will be kept at bay from marriage functions. According to[Read More…]

Robots and chefs come together to protect the ecosystem

In an attempt to protect the ecosystem, chefs gathered in Bermuda on Wednesday for a competition named the “Lionfish Throwdown” where they challenged one another to make the tastiest lionfish. Interestingly, Lionfish is a venomous carnivorous fish, whose out of control numbers due to lack of predators are destroying marine[Read More…]

Tushar Gandhi opposes Mahatma assassination's reprobe, SC questions his locus standi

Supreme Court declines petition on reducing pollution

A plea seeking an order changing the position of exhausts of all vehicles on the top rather than in the bottom claiming that this would lessen pollution has been rejected by the Supreme Court. The petition was made by Sabu Steephen, a Kerala resident who claimed that if the exhaust[Read More…]

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