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Watch: Tribute to Indian farmers

Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy.  Farmers contribute about 16% of the total GDP. Farmers, who work day and night to feed the nation, are the real warriors. Unfortunately, their trials and tribulations remain largely unattended. According to a report by National Crime Reports Bureau, farmers suicide account for[Read More…]

80% farmers suicide due to debt and loans from banks

Latest government data shows that 80 per cent of farmers killed themselves in 2015 because of bankruptcy or debts after taking hefty amount of loans from banks and registered microfinance institutions. Despite us thinking the money-lenders a big reason for the suicides, moneylenders are more flexible than the microfinance sector.[Read More…]

Farmers can now use old ₹500 notes to buy seeds

The government on Monday allowed farmers to purchase seeds with the old ₹500 bank notes, declared illegal less than two weeks ago by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The new rule allows farmers to purchase seeds with old denomination bank notes of ₹ 500 from outlets belonging to the central or[Read More…]

Stubble Burning: 1406 farmers fined in Haryana

Authorities in Haryana have initiated action against 1406 farmers, who have defied orders on burning paddy stubble. A senior official told PTI that a total fine of Rs 13.75 lakh has been collected on Saturday. Many farmers in Haryana and the neighbouring Punjab have continued with the practice, leading to[Read More…]

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