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Syrian army retakes 60% of east Aleppo

Syrian army advanced overnight deeper into rebel-held east Aleppo where it now controls more than half of the former rebel stronghold after a fierce assault that has sparked an international outcry. Tens of thousands of civilians have fled eastern neighbourhoods of the city since the assault in mid-November. The government[Read More…]

Syrian forces conduct strikes over Aleppo

Having lost control over certain areas of northern Aleppo to insurgents a day before, Syrian government forces launched a counteroffensive on Saturday under the cover of airstrikes, said activists and state media. Just a day before, Syrian rebels launched a broad ground attack aiming to break a weeks-long government siege[Read More…]

ISIS chief in critical condition after being poisoned

According to the latest update, ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s condition is ‘critical’ after his food was poisoned by an assassin. Meals prepared for Baghdadi and three other commanders of the terrorist organisation were allegedly poisoned in Nineveh’s Be’aaj district, the Daily Mail reported on Monday. All four senior militants[Read More…]

Have you heard the world’s oldest melody?

Have you heard the world’s first hymn? Called the ‘Hurrian Hymn’ it was discovered in the 1950s on a clay tablet inscribed with Cuneiform text, and it is simply breathtaking. Thought to be over 3400 years old, this oldest surviving melody was found in Ugarit, now part of modern-day Syria,[Read More…]

Emergency meeting called after US-led coalition air strikes kill dozens of Syrian troops

An emergency UN Security Council meeting was called after US-led coalition air strikes reportedly killed dozens of Syrian soldiers on Saturday, endangering a US-Russian brokered ceasefire. As tensions escalated between Moscow and Washington, the United States military said the coalition ended the attacks, which incidentally were being carried out against[Read More…]

US and Russia seal Syria cease-fire deal

The US and Russia reached an agreement on ceasefire in Syria on Friday. The agreement can possibly bring the two countries together in the fight against Islamic State. Announcing the terms of the agreement, the US Secretary of State, John Kerry with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Geneva said,   “Today we are announcing an[Read More…]

World records broken at Rio even before the Games begin!

For the first time ever, Rio is hosting a refugee contingent consisting of athletes from across the world who have been displaced. According to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), there are 65 million people who are displaced by war and persecution across the world. The ten athletes who[Read More…]

Russia, Syria invite probe into alleged chemical attack

Western nations quietly collaborate with Syria: President Assad

In an interview with Australia’s SBS news channel, Syrian President Bashar Assad has accused the west of hypocrisy, alleging that the western leaders criticize him publicly while working with him behind the scenes. He also alleged that there was no direct communication with the US, though numerous ‘back channels’ existed[Read More…]

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