Tamil Nadu elderly couple honoured with bravery award for fighting off armed robbers
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Tamil Nadu elderly couple honoured with bravery award for fighting off armed robbers

Recently a video had gone viral on social media inviting bundles of appreciation for an elderly couple from Tamil Nadu for bravely fighting off the armed robbers with plastic chairs and slippers. In the recent development, Tamil Nadu Government on Thursday presented a special bravery award to the couple.

Chief Minister Edappadi K Palanisamy awarded 70-year-old Shanumavel, a lemon wholesale dealer, and his wife Senthamarai, a special bravery award with Rs 2 lakh in cash and gold medals during the 73rd Independence Day celebrations in the state.

While speaking to the media after receiving the award, Shanmugavel reportedly said, “We are very happy and honoured to receive the award from the state government. We thank the police for swiftly acting on our complaint. We hope we will be an inspiration to the youngsters”.

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The CCTV footage that had gone viral earlier this week showed two masked robbers carrying machetes sneaked into the home of the couple.

One of the masked men came from behind and put a piece of cloth around the neck of the man in an attempt to strangulate him. An unsuspecting Shanmugavel fought off the machete-wielding man with the cloth still around his neck. As he struggled and kicked the man, his wife came out running. This is when another intruder was seen in the CCTV footage.

She began hurling things at the duo — footwear, buckets and plastic chairs. Freeing himself, Shanmugavel also threw himself with gusto into the attack against the two armed men. The couple waged an unrelenting battle against the criminals for a couple of minutes, forcing the duo to flee.

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