The Esports Club announces 5 months of Valorant tournaments

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Bengaluru, Aug 11 (IANS) The Esports Club, a Bengaluru based esports platform, has announced its five-month plan for Valorant tournaments under their new IP, The Esports Club Challenger Series.

The LG Ultragear TEC Challenger Series has opened registrations and expects matches to start from August 15. The five-month extravaganza will offer the largest prize pool in the region for Valorant with Rs 7.5 lakhs over the five events.

Not only will teams be competing for the monthly prize pool of Rs 1.5 lakhs split amongst the top 8, but players will also be competing for individual rewards for the top 3 tournament MVP’s every single month.

Sukamal Pegu, Regional Publishing Head South Asia, Riot Games, said, “We’re thrilled with the response that Valorant has received in the region and we would like to encourage organisations such as The Esports Club who are establishing the competitive scene in the community through activities like the TEC Challenger Series.”

Ishaan Arya, Co-Founder & Head of Business Development, The Esports Club, said, “With this new initiative, we hope to give Valorant players in the region a roadmap to keep playing, competing and improving over the next few months as we build an amazing library of content and broadcasts around their journeys.”

Mansoor ‘Nabu’ Ahmed, Head of Operations at The Esports Club, said, “The TEC Challenger Series will allow us to expand our presence in the esports world and through this new IP we will bring high-quality tournaments and broadcasts for players and viewers across multiple games.”



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