This Gujarat temple has been worshipping ‘Chowkidar' for centuries

This Gujarat temple has been worshipping ‘Chowkidar’ for centuries

After PM Modi’s ‘Main Bhi Chowkidar’ campaign, this term and the profession have become much revered and popular. But this tribal village which is not known to many, in the Narmada district has been worshipping ‘Chowkidar for centuries.

Dev Mogra Village in Dediapada Taluka falls under Bharuch Lok Sabha Seat and the residents of this village admire ‘Devdarvaniya Chowkidar’ and say that as per the traditional belief, he has been guarding their village since ages.

A resident of the village said that they have been hearing a lot about Chowkidar campaign of PM Modi as the elections are also heading. People have been taking pride in adding ‘chowkidar’ to their name but they have been worshipping a chowkidar as a god since long.

The locals also reveal that Pandori Maata, a goddess got upset and left her home. King Pandadev began the search for her and he stopped his horse in Dev Mogra village. That spot became a place of worship for the people and later a temple of Pandori Maata was built there. Some distance from this temple, a small worship place for Devdarvaniya Chowkidar’ was also made.

Another local said that it is believed Devdarvaniya Chowkidar’ protects the goddess and the village. Visitors visiting Pandori Maata temple have to first visit chowkidar temple.

There are devotees from Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh who visits Pandoori Maata’s temple all long the year but the rush increases at the time of Diwali and Navratri. Chowkidar Temple holds equal importance.

Another interesting fact is that despite the prohibition of liquor sale in Gujarat, devotees of Devdarvaniya Chowkidar’ offer country made liquor to him as Prasad.

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