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What is #FruitSnackChallenge? Here’s all you need to know

Over the past few days, a new viral video trend has hit TikTok called #FruitSnackChallenge.

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#FruitSnackChallenge: This viral video challenge on social media will check your kids patience

Every one or the other day, there is a new challenge that goes viral on TikTok.  Over the past few days, a new viral video trend has hit TikTok called #FruitSnackChallenge. Since then, videos with the hashtag have racked up 2.6 million views on TikTok as of May 12, and the challenge has taken over all the other social media platforms.

The video is all about testing the patience of your kids wherein parent sets a bowl of fruit snacks or other candy in front of their kid, and tells them not to eat any until they get back. Then we get to watch their reactions of the kids.

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The challenge went viral when a mom hit record, poured a package of fruit snacks into a bowl for her toddler, and then walked away and told her not to have any of the fruit snacks until she got back.

Kylie Jenner also broke the internet after she posted her toddler Stormi Webster, crushing the challenge with a bag of what appears to be m&ms. Stormi’s strategy seemed to be a combo of watching TV and murmuring “patience, patience.”


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Parents around the country have been challenging their kids, too:

While the Fruit Snack Challenge is popular now, psychologist Walter Mischel was testing children’s willpower before it was trending on social media. Mischel and his team at Stanford University devised the Marshmallow Test back in the day to study the science of self-control in children under 5. The researchers studied the participants for years and found that the kids who were able to wait were able to use that willpower for some positive long-term effects.



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