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Apps to keep you connected amidst internet shutdowns

This resulted in people resorting to using different platforms that tend to work even without having an active internet connection.

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Apps to keep you connected amidst internet shutdowns

It is a not a surprise that India ventures in the top five countries when it comes to shutting down the internet because of number of reasons. The toil of Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) is not new to us and the endless internet disruptions and bans it brought along with it. This resulted in people resorting to using different platforms that tend to work even without having an active internet connection.

Following is a report with a list of apps which will help you in such situations.

Fire chat: The app first of all lets people use standard Internet connectivity to participate in a running conversation with Fire chat users anywhere in the world. But if you are not on the internet, this application helps users communicate with devices having no form of connectivity like telephony or internet.

The app has a specific facility to use Bluetooth to connect to nearby phones which has this particular app installed.  The facility that helps the phone’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to enhance communication with other phones is known specifically as the ‘several mesh’ software .

It allows one to communicate easily with their contacts through private phone calls and send secure text messages even when cellular networks are not there. You have an extra feature known as the ‘Everyone’ mode, from where you can look at what all is being talked about by the people. It is supported by both android and iOS formats.

Signal offline: One major feature of Signal offline messenger is that it’s a Wi-Fi Direct based app. It helps one to communicate without internet or local network in a range of up to 100 metres. You can chat with one person or a group depending upon your need. The company has assured security that all the conversations happening over the app is mostly secured.

This app is not the Signal app (made by Signal Foundation), or rather an offline app  as developed by a Bengaluru based firm called,’ Khokho’ Developer. Users can also use other features such as audio, text , photo and video formats of messaging which can be sent to nearby users through direct Wi-Fi. It supports only android mobile phones.

Vojer: Vojer is a call based app, and offers you high quality calls without having any connection available on your device. It doesn’t ask for you to access your phone book. It specifically asks for seeking permissions for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, microphone and camera to operate its features. It is only supported in iOS.

Bridgefy: It is a great mobile app which comes handy at any public gathering which requires broad network of connectivity. This app has three facilities to chat with the user-First to connect with the user, you can chat one-to-one, using the mesh mode.

You can connect with multiple people by using a Wi-Fi signal, and third is the broadcast mode, which allows a community located nearby you to see messages, even if they do not appear on the contact list. It is supported in both android and iOS phones.

Briar: Briar app is a life-saver when the internet’s down, it can be synced via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, keeping the information going amidst any disruption or problems.  Briar also saves your face by helping you to connect and sync via the Tor network, protecting users and their affairs when a surveillance is done anywhere.


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