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Turkey Vulture Day 2023: Dates, History, Significance, Facts

Despite their importance to our ecosystem, the global vulture population is currently declining.

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Turkey Vulture Day 2023

Turkey Vulture Day 2023: International Turkey Vulture Day is observed annually on the first Saturday of September around the globe. This year, September 2 is the date. As an awareness-raising ecological observance, the celebration recognises the significance of vultures, a distinct bird species, in our ecosystem. These birds are continually confronted by a variety of dangers and live in harsh environments. Despite their reputation as scavengers, vultures are ecologically vital and deserving of preservation and protection. In this special occasion, we celebrate the singularity of this species.

Turkey Vulture Day 2023: HISTORY

International Turkey Vulture Day is a global endeavour coordinated by numerous governments and animal conservation organisations to commemorate the vulture. South Africa and the United Kingdom are among the first nations to recognise this day and organise events and conservation efforts for vultures. Conservationists of vultures are now better outfitted and promote their efforts.

Although vultures currently have a negative reputation as scavengers, this was not always the case. In ancient times, they served as significant symbols for numerous mythological entities. Nekhbet, a deity and patron of Ancient Egypt, is one of the most notable examples. As a form of protection, ancient Egyptian royalty donned vulture crowns, one of the most recognisable pieces of archaic clothing. Vultures were significant symbols in numerous ancient South American civilizations.

There are now several subspecies of vultures, making them one of the most diverse species in the globe. Despite their genetic diversity, many subspecies of vultures are threatened with extinction and confront a conservation crisis. Poisoning is one of the leading causes of mortality in vultures, particularly in Africa. The collision of wind energy is another prevalent cause, particularly in Eurasia. Poaching and poisoning result in the fatalities of many vultures, as they rely heavily on dead animals for food.

Beginning in the early 2000s, several breeding and conservation programmes for vultures were initiated. These programmes seek to increase understanding of the issue and its potential repercussions. As a significant component of our ecosystem, vultures require the same care and attention as other animals.

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Turkey Vulture Day 2023: FACTS

Despite their negative reputation, vultures are virtually innocuous to humans.

Vultures are exceptionally efficient at removing debris and dead animals due to their role.

Despite their importance to our ecosystem, the global vulture population is currently declining.

Vultures are incapable of making noises and instead grunt or hiss.

Vultures, unlike other birds, are intelligent and aware that loud noises, large objects, and bright lights will not damage them.


Vultures are an endangered species that merits our assistance due to their importance to our ecosystem. Despite their unpleasant eating practises, they deserve to be preserved.

As urban sprawl persists and conditions for humans and animals improve, the vultures’ natural habitat becomes increasingly threatened. This is one of the primary causes of the population decline of vultures.

Most people find vultures frightening, and as a result, they are not cared for. Many still do not view the population decline of vultures as urgent. Consequently, this event seeks to bring attention to their plight.

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Year Date Day
2022 September 3 Saturday
2023 September 2 Saturday
2024 September 7 Saturday
2025 September 6 Saturday
2026 September 5 Saturday