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TVS iQube ST to Launch Soon in India: Features, Price, Company Reviews, Popularity

TVS iQube ST is powered by lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 4.56 kWh. This can travel 145 kilometres.

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TVS iQube ST to Launch Soon in India
TVS iQube ST to Launch Soon in India

TVS iQube ST to Launch Soon in India: TVS motorcycles are quite well-liked on the Indian market. TVS is also performing well in the market for electric motorcycles. In this article, we will discuss a forthcoming electric scooter called the TVS iqube ST.

TVS iQube ST to Launch Soon in India: Motor and Battery

TVS iQube ST is powered by lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 4.56 kWh. This can travel 145 kilometres. According to the manufacturer, the battery can be charged from emptiness to 80% capacity in approximately four hours. A 3kW electric motor is mounted to power the motorcycle. It can reach speeds of up to 82 kilometres per hour.


The ST model will feature a 32-litre under-seat storage compartment.

A high-tech electric bicycle with multiple functions. In addition, the iQube ST incorporates Bluetooth connectivity, Bluetooth call alert, and a USB charging port. In addition, there are modern features such as a riding mode, parking sensors, turn-by-turn directions, and a larceny alarm.

TVS iQube ST to Launch Soon in India: Estimated Cost in India

The price of approximately Rs 125,000 for the TVS iQube ST is reasonable in light of its features. Pre-orders for this scooter are no longer being accepted as the quantity cap has been reached.

About the TVS Motors

Sundaram Clayton was established in 1962 alongside Clayton Dewandre Holdings, United Kingdom. It produced brakes, exhausts, compressors, and other automotive components. In 1976, the corporation established a factory in Hosur to produce mopeds for its new division. In 1980, India’s first two-seater motorcycle, the TVS 50, moved out of the factory in Hosur, Tamil Nadu. 1987 saw the formation of a joint venture between Sundaram Clayton Ltd. and Suzuki Motor Corporation as a consequence of a technical partnership with the Japanese automaker Suzuki Ltd. In 1989, production of motorcycles began on a commercial scale.

TVS Motor Company is an Indian multinational motorcycle manufacturer with headquarters in Chennai. Revenue-wise, it is the third-largest motorcycle manufacturer in India. The enterprise has an annual production capacity of over four million vehicles and annual sales of three million units. TVS Motor Company is also India’s second-largest exporter of two-wheeled vehicles, with exports to over 60 countries.

TVS Motor entity is the principal entity of the TVS Group, as the largest company in terms of market capitalization and revenue. The TVS Motor Company’s emblem is a scarlet horse.


The aggregate rating for TVS Motor Company is 3.8 stars out of 5, based on over 795 anonymous employee evaluations. 72% of employees would recommend TVS Motor Company to an acquaintance, and 72% are optimistic about the company’s future. This rating has remained stable for the past year.

Popularity factors for the TVS Two-Wheelers

TVS motorcycles are well-liked due to their excellent value, as they are feature-rich and reasonably priced. The company is well-known for providing a variety of models, including the Apache RTR180, which features the coveted ABS system. TVS engines are also known for their high performance, which makes it simple to insure these vehicles. With an analogue odometer, speedometer, and fuel gauge, the X-factor of TVS motorcycles distinguishes them from other motorcycles. These motorcycles are highly sought after due to their enduring performance, making them a trademark for superior performance-oriented Apache bikes.

TVS Motors produces high-quality components, such as the switchgear in the TVS Apache RTR200 4V, which can be installed on some of the most expensive motorcycles available. This is because the company prefers to produce its own components rather than purchasing them from outside sources. This makes TVS motors the best option for those in search of the highest-quality bicycles and scooters. The TVS Jupiter 110cc scooter features an external gasoline filler lid, 12-inch wheels, an integrated phone charger, and a fuel indicator. This distinctive and feature-rich scooter is among the most feature-rich in its category.

TVS Motors, one of the few Indian automakers with a legitimate racing division, has significantly invested in research and the production of motorcycles with racing DNA. Authentic racing motorcycles, such as the TVS Apache RTR 200 4V, enable enthusiasts to compete in novice categories of bike races. These characteristics have made TVS vehicles popular with enthusiasts.