UP: ‘Baarat’ thrashed, marriage called off for arriving with 15 extra guests for chicken meal
Uttar Pradesh

UP: ‘Baarat’ thrashed, marriage called off for arriving with 15 extra guests for chicken meal

In a bizarre incident from Lakhimpur Kheri district in Uttar Pradesh, a usual happy marriage ceremony turned sour after groom reached the marriage venue along with the baraat and they were thrashed by the bride’s relatives over a petty issue.

It was basically a chicken dish that became the matter of heated argument between the two sides. The bride’s family members became upset when they saw 15 extra guests from the groom’s side.

Before the wedding only it was decided by the two of them that there will only be 50 guests at the baraat. The bride’s relatives lost cool after 60-7- guests turned up for the wedding ceremony and an argument was raised between the two sides as the chicken dish was prepared for only 50 guests on the groom’s demand.

As per a report, the whole matter went out of control when the groom’s uncle and two other family members were allegedly thrashed by the bride’s relatives. So the groom has to return home bruised and beaten. Also, the police had to intervene to control the matter.

The uncle of the groom was admitted to the hospital and the marriage was called off after the fight.

The news of the chicken dish being served at the wedding spread fast and also because the village of the groom and bride were close by. Also, some of the guests were also in a drunken state.

The police said that “Both the villages are situated at a distance of merely 150 meters and the families had several common relatives. Since the girl’s family was very poor they requested the groom’s family to come in a limited number of guests. The chicken was specially prepared on the request of the groom for the guests. But after seeing 15-20 extra guests the girl’s family asked the groom to reduce the number of guests. But it was taken as an insult by the groom’s family and groom’s uncle abused the other party which triggered the clash at the venue and the marriage was called off.

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