Rajasthan: Man kills self after failing to save pregnant girlfriend from being gang-raped
Crime, Uttar Pradesh

UP: Woman survivor narrates painful ordeal, says “they won’t rape me now as I am burnt”

In an appalling incident of crime and exploitation reported from Uttar Pradesh where a widow woman in her late 20s was allegedly sold by her father and aunt for Rs 10,000; she was gang-raped by the person who bought her and also from his friends is struggling for her life after she burnt herself.

Reportedly, the woman has suffered 80% burns and is undergoing treatment in Delhi. Days after the incident, the woman has narrated her ordeal and how things happened with her.

The woman with intense pain said “I wish I was dead. Nobody wants to go through this torture. But at least people will not rape me now that I am burnt.

A national daily met the victim where she is being treated. Her ordeal began early in life. She said “My father got me married in 2009, I was just 14. My much older husband abandoned me within a few months” (The husband didn’t die it was mistakenly reported)

She further added “My second husband was evil. He got me raped repeatedly by his friends and because people got to know about me being raped and harassed, they thought I was vulnerable and available. Over 20 men have raped me and threatened to throw acid on me.”

The victim in immense pain continued her ordeal and said she never got any justice neither from her father nor not from the police. She said “ I lodged different complaints but was always told that investigation is underway. No FIR was registered from October 2018 to April 2019. I became hopeless so decided to take my life.”

The woman’s second husband was her father’s friend she said “He thrashed me every day and forced me to work as a household help at his friend’s house. She said there was only one friend of her which helped her throughout her painful days.

Her friend Rishabh said “Her parents, two brothers and a sister disowned her. There is nobody whom she can call her own and this is the time she needs me the most as a friend and a partner. There is no way I am going to leave her alone.

He also told that she has three children one from her first husband, one from second husband and the third one from one of the men who raped her. All the three kids were with his second husband so that she returns to him every time.

Rishabh also said that he has been waiting for her to get a legal divorce so that he could marry her.

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