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Video: Inside Game of Thrones’ soundtrack feat GOT music composer Ramin Djawadi

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From 2011, Game of Thrones fans has only been increasing. This fantasy-drama-action-suspense series gives has three treats for its audience: great acting, excellent visual design, and twisting drama infused with consistent surprises. This big-budget nerd-out turned out to be one of HBO’s top series ever made!

And any Game of Thrones fan will at once identify with the series just by listening to its theme song even as faintly as a whisper! The game of thrones music score is ridiculously intriguing, a theme so strong that it can guide you through the essence of the series with glimpses of visuals. While fans are losing it over any little information about the series, meet the man behind every musical note heard by fans around the world across seven series.

HBO has released another Inside Game of Thrones video featuring Ramin Djawadi, a 41-year-old composer, who has been consistently winning the GOT fans over with his scores. In the video, Djawadi talks a bit about “Light of the Seven,” the haunting piece of piano-driven music that plays as Cersei blows up the Sept of Baelor in “The Winds of Winter.”

As the show raises the steaks with every new season, Djawadi says, “Every year I go, Okay, now I really have to do something that I haven’t done before.”

And while we are yet to see what he comes up with when season 7 debuts on July 16, here is a link to the Inside Game of Thrones video where Djawadi gives fans an insight of what’s coming next!