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Watch: Delhi woman allegedly asks restaurant men to ‘rape girls in short dresses’; refuses to apologise

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Watch: Delhi woman allegedly asks restaurant men to 'rape girls in short dresses'; refuses to apologise

Rape is a term that is often used frivolously by people, without understanding the weight that the word carries with it. People in India believe that rape happens for a variety of reasons, reasons like short clothes, going out late at night, drinking with friends at a bar or going to isolated places.

The sheer disgust surrounding these notions has been highlighted in a recent incident where a middle-aged woman told a group of girls “to not wear short clothes else she would get raped”.

A shameful video has gone immensely viral on social media in past twenty hours showing a few young girls asking the middle aged woman to apologise as the lady allegedly shamed the girls group in a restaurant and even asked seven men over there to ‘rape girls for wearing short dress’.

The video, shared by Facebook handle Shivani Gupta who is a resident of Delhi, was posted on April 30 with a caption, who wrote,“Hey guys. Today my friends and I were harassed by a woman at a restaurant for me wearing a short dress. This middle-aged woman you’ll see in the video addressed seven men at the restaurant to rape us because she felt we deserved it for wearing short clothes and bashing her unsolicited opinion. For speaking up against her primitive mindset. Our instinct was turn away from the drama but supported by our colleagues, we took her on at a shopping centre, nearby. We gave her the chance to apologise, to no avail, of course. Nothing moved the needle for her, not even another woman who learned the story on the spot and implored the ghastly woman to apologise. See for yourself. And share.”

The group asked the middle-aged woman to apologise repeatedly for her misogynistic words , but she refused to pay heed to them. She can be seen strolling through the store, trying to avoid the group.

When the young women persisted in their efforts to shame the woman, she asked the store staff to call the police.

“How dare they” is the older woman’s response to the young women asking her to apologise for her words. When told her comments will go viral if she doesn’t say sorry, the woman brazenly says “go ahead”.

At the time of filing this story, the video had gathered more than 5,79,000 views and was shared over 13,000 times on Facebook.

Netizens praised the young women for standing up to the toxic mentality they witnessed. The girls in the video are waiting for the aunty to apologise


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