Watch: Kerala couple falls off boat while trying to kiss during Pre-Wedding shoot
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Watch: Kerala couple falls off boat while trying to kiss during Pre-Wedding shoot

Pre-wedding shoots are the trend which has become more like a custom especially in India. Almost everyone these days wants to have a dreamy pre-wedding shoot before marriage and that’s the reason it has become a trend that never goes old for the new generation.

So amid all the pre-wedding shoots that happen almost daily, this one from Kerala has stood out from the rest. A couple from Kerala was posing for pictures sitting on a boat and it toppled into the water before they could kiss for the picture.

The video of the incident is going viral on social media. The video shows a couple sitting in on the boar dressed in traditional attire. The photographer, however, is giving instruction to the couple so as to how to pose. Around four men standing around then in the river sprinkle water on them to make the photos dreamy. The photographer then tells the couple to kiss and as soon as they were about to kiss, they fall into the water.

While it appeared as a funny incident but the truth behind it was that it was planned by the photographers. The twist was that they didn’t even tell the couple about the plan and shot the video of the happening. Actually, they wanted to shoot something funny for their personal website whereas the couple invited them for a normal shoot.

The photographer said “The couple kept laughing after their fall believing it was an accident. We revealed it to them after the shoot, and they said that they really enjoyed it.”

Tijin Thankachen from Thiruvalla and Silpa from Changanacherry are to get married on May 6. And the photo shoot was being held along the banks of the Pamba river at Kadammanitta in Pathanamthitta district.

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