Watch: Rahul Gandhi addresses Wayanad farmer suicide in Lok Sabha, says "Terrible condition of farmers"

Watch: Rahul Gandhi addresses Wayanad farmer suicide in Lok Sabha, says “Terrible condition of farmers”

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi while addressing the Lok Sabha on Thursday, raised the tragic incident where a farmer in Wayanad killed self. Targeting the Modi goverment, Rahul said that the condition of farmers in the country was “terrible”. “I urge the prime minister to ameliorate problems of farmers in the country,” Rahul Gandhi said.

Speaking during the Zero Hour in Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi highlighted the problems being faced by farmers in Kerala, particularly in his constituency Wayanad.

“Why does the government behave as if the farmers are inferior to the poor. No efforts have been made in the Budget 2019 to for the benefit farmers.” 

“Yesterday, a farmer in Wayanad committed suicide due to debt. In Wayanad, bank notices for non payment of loans given to 8000 farmers. Under a relevant act their properties are attached against their bank loans. No concrete steps were taken in the Union Budget to provide relief to the farmers. This is resulting in rise in farmers suicide,” said Rahul Gandhi.

Countering Gandhi, the defence minister, who was present in the House, said people who ran the government for decades were responsible for the situation of farmers. Singh said most suicides by farmers took place before the BJP-led government came to power. He also said following efforts of the Modi government, the income of farmers increased by 20-25 per cent.

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Earlier this week, a 55-year-old man allegedly ended his life by consuming a poisonous substance at Pullappy in Wayanad district. In May, another debt-ridden farmer from Wayanad, 53-year-old Dinesh Kumar, had ended his life by consuming a poison laced substance. 5 farmers have committed suicide in Wayanad in the past 6 months.

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