Watch: Rhea Chakraborty’s leaked video sees her talking about controlling her boyfriend and more

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A shocking video of Sushant Singh Rajput’s girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty is doing rounds on social media in which she is seen talking about controlling her boyfriend.

News Channel CNN News 18 got their hands on a video that sees her talking about her ‘boyfriend’. While she doesn’t take the actor’s name directly, she is seen saying that her boyfriend thinks he’s the don but actually she’s the one controlling him.

The video seems to be an old video where Rhea is seen wearing a black dress. Letting her hair down, Rhea is seen mimicking a don. However, the channel cannot verify the date and time of the video.

In the video Rhea is seen saying, “I am the bigger don, I know how to manipulate these small goons. My boyfriend also thinks that he’s a gangster. But he doesn’t know that I am the actual don. I belong to a different class than these small goons. I don’t get my hands dirty, I make others do the task. For instance, I can even ask them to go to a producer and collect ‘hafta.’ They can think they are the don, but in reality, they are only working for one.” The video ends while Rhea says ‘Don’t record this’.
Check out the video:

As of now, the video is from an unknown date and place, its authenticity yet to be verified.
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