Tony Kakkar makes shocking revelations in new video, says ‘parents wanted to abort Neha Kakkar’

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Tony Kakkar released Story of Kakkars – Chapter 2 on his official Youtube channel ahead of his younger sister, Neha Kakkar’s birthday on June 6.

In the music video ft. Neha Kakkar, Tony narrates the story of his family and Neha’s journey. The video opens with scenes from Rishikesh, native to Kakkars as Neha’s voice plays in the background.

Tony starts rapping the lyrics which goes like, “Halaat itne kharaab the, khaali khaali se haath the.” He talks about his parents, who weren’t highly educated and due to financial struggles were deeply distressed.

Tony then reveals that his mother wanted to abort her pregnancy but since eight weeks had passed, she couldn’t. The child their parents wanted to abort was Neha, who Tony introduced saying it was an evening of summer the ‘junoon’ of the country was born. The video shows flashes of Neha performing on the stage as the crowd cheers for the singer.

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Tony further talks about how his elder sister, Sonu, also a playback singer, started singing at a young age and Neha too caught up quickly. For those unaware, Neha is the youngest sibling of the three.

Story of Kakkars – Chapter 2 comes three years after Story of Kakkars – Chapter 1 (2017) where Tony and Neha narrated the tale of Sonu Kakkar.

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