Watch: "Under political pressure, police interrupt those who talk of social welfare," says Jean Dreze post release
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Watch: “Under political pressure, police interrupt those who talk of social welfare,” says Jean Dreze post release

Noted social activist Jean Dreze who was arrested by the Jharkhand police on Thursday over holding a meeting on right to food, said post release that police under political pressure interrupts and annoys those who want to work for the betterment and welfare of the society.

Jean Dreze, along with two other social activists named Vivek Kumar and Anuj Kumar were detained and taken to the Bishunpur police station. The three had organised a meeting to talk about various social issues such as employment, pension, health, education and right to food.

However, the Jharkhand police arrived at the event spot and interrupted the event. The officials detained Dreze, Viveka and Anuj, and threatened to file a case under section 171, 172 and 173 against the trio.

As per the sources, the activists were held at police station for over two hours and were even forced to sign a bond paper.

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However, after hours of questioning, the three were released.

Upon the arrest, Vivek had told that, “We had applied on March 22, to Pradeep Kumar, SDO, Garhwa District, for permission. Later, they had asked us to provide details such as the Aadhaar card of the head organiser. We had furnished all that was asked for but were never intimated anything.”

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Speaking to the media after his release, Jean Dreze said that, “In a hilly politically driven administration, there is no place left for the people who wish to talk and work for the social welfare. We are never given permissions to take any steps which could possibly bring a positive change at a rural platform.”

Dreze further told that, “While they were denied and interrupted during the event, others who held political and religious events from March 16-19 had a smooth run. Various political leaders arrived and propagated their political agendas and no police came to stop them. However, if someone talk about betterment of the tribals and poors, then the police administration under political pressure jumps in quickly to interrupt and disturb.”

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