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Weight loss: Eating brown rice is equivalent to 30-min brisk walk

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Here comes great news for people who are trying their best to shed those extra kilos from their body. The researchers have found that swapping white rice with its brown alternative speeds up weight loss and is the equivalent of a 30-minute brisk walk. Yes, you heard it right!

Bringing this small change to include more fibre can facilitate to cut 100 calories daily, the study found. This change will bring the same outcome that can be achieved by a brisk half-an-hour walk, discovered the experts.

During the study, the researchers at Tufts University in Massachusetts took two groups of people and fed them similar diets with only the difference being the source of grain. While one group ate wholegrains such as brown rice and whole wheat, the other consumed white rice, and refined white flour.

Eventually, they established that the diet with more wholegrains led to people increasing a faster metabolism, burning more calories. They also absorbed a smaller amount of calories in their digestive systems. Apart from that there was a ‘modest’ improvement in their immune systems.People on wholegrains produce more T-cells that deal with infections and a lot of beneficial gut bacteria were also found increasing.

The study was conducted on 81 men and women aged between 40 and 65 for over eight weeks. For the first fortnight, participants consumed the same diet. After that, the participants were split into two factions, with one eating the high fibre diet while others eating low fibre.

The researchers also considered the weight, metabolic rate, blood glucose, calories excreted, hunger and fullness and they found that hunger, fullness and diet satisfaction were same.

Dr. Phil Karl who led the study said, “Many previous studies have suggested benefits of whole grains and dietary fibre on chronic disease risk. This study helps to quantify how whole grains and fibre work to benefit weight management, and lend credibility to previously reported associations between increased whole grains and fibre consumption, lower body weight and better health.”

Dr. Susan Roberts co-author said, “We provided all food to ensure that the composition of the diets differed only in grain source. The extra calories lost by those who ate whole grains was equivalent to a brisk 30 minutes walk ? Or enjoying an extra small cookie every day in terms of its impact.”


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