When a Wi-Fi terrorised Delhi locality

When a Wi-Fi username terrorised Delhi locality, leaving police in tizzy

New Delhi: Panic gripped a Delhi locality when a 34-year-old software engineer read a Wi-Fi network, “Join Hizbul Mujahideen.” The man refreshed the list but the network remained in active. Following, he called PCR and told the details of the incident.

Police came in and after preliminary enquiry when the WiFi connection remained untraceable, cybercrime unit was brought in. The local police team had checked for possible addresses during the night, according to a TOI report.

According to the report, investigating officers created a radius with the Wi-Fi network available and created a map of the basis. Following it, the cops came up wtih the possible houses which could be the source of the Wi-Fi, they also contacted the Internet service providers for more information.

Soon it was found that the Wi-Fi connection belonged to a nearby shop. The shop owner Gulshan Tiwari, claimed little technical-know how. Later, Tiwari’s 25-year-old brother admitted naming the Wi-Fi after getting fed up with multiple people connecting their system to the internet and hence he decided to came up with the name.

He also informed the cops that the WiFi was earlier set after his elder brother’s name when it was being installed.

As no suspicious activities were established to have been found, no case was registered.

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