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White Balloon Day 2023: Date, History, Significance, Facts

It occurs because the pressure of the air inside the balloon is greater than that of the air outside.

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White Balloon Day 2023

White Balloon Day 2023: Annually, White Balloon Day is observed on September 10 during National Child Protection Week. This day is celebrated by the non-profit organization Bravehearts in Australia. With the help of the community, Bravehearts hopes to establish an environment where children can feel safe and happy. They are particularly dedicated to preventing child sexual abuse. Adults are taught to be vigilant and proactive in preventing sexual abuse, and children are taught to recognize and report these offenses. White Balloon Day is observed in homes, institutions, and workplaces. White Balloon Day is observed by bringing this grave offense to the attention of others through conversation.

White Balloon Day 2023: HISTORY

White Balloon Day is a celebration created by Bravehearts. The first celebrations were symbolic of the 1996 problem of juvenile sexual assault in Belgium. More than 300,000 people gathered with white balloons to show support for the parents whose children were sexual assault victims. They were protesting against the parole of a convicted criminal. 1997 marked the first official White Balloon Day at Bravehearts. Since then, the white balloon has become a symbol of optimism for child sexual assault survivors and an encouragement for children to speak out about their sexual assaults.

On White Balloon Day, individuals raise awareness about child sexual assault and the need for communities to play an active role in protecting children. Breaking the silence is an essential component of preventing these heinous offenses. According to research, White Balloon Day campaigns have resulted in a staggering 514% increase in child sexual assault disclosures to police.

Since its inception, the funds raised during Bravehearts’ White Balloon Day have contributed to the education of over one million Australian students. Included in awareness campaigns are teachings on personal safety and counseling services for affected children and their families.

Additional resources on how to approach the law. The purpose of this day is to create a society where no infant is subject to sexual assault.

White Balloon Day 2023: FACTS

  • In 220 A.D., the first balloons were invented and used to deliver messages.
  • Two men decided to engage in a balloon duel to gain a lady’s favor.
  • It occurs because the pressure of the air inside the balloon is greater than that of the air outside.
  • Today, latex balloons degrade within six months.
  • In angioplasty, balloons are used.


White Balloons Day brings the community together and engages everyone in a worthy cause. Together, communities pool their resources, establish safe spaces for children, and assist those in need.

There is a lot of shame involved in speaking out about sexual assault, including minor sexual assault. White Balloon Day eliminates the stigma and humiliation associated with these important topics.

Every child has the right to a safe, secure, and joyful youth. Observances such as White Balloon Day aim to herald in a time when no child will experience sexual assault.


Year Date Day
2023 September 10 Sunday
2024 September 10 Tuesday
2025 September 10 Wednesday
2026 September 10 Thursday
2027 September 10 Friday