Who is Nowhera Shaik? How she faked awards?
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Who is Nowhera Shaik? How she faked awards?

Nowhera Shaik is an Indian Entrepreneur, Politician, Businesswoman the founder and CEO of the Heera Group hailing from Tirupati. The Heera Group is a consortium of twenty companies with its headquarters at Hyderabad, with branches in India, UAE and other middle eastern countries. However, in a promotional video released by Heera Group of companies on its YouTube channel, she was disgraced for showing hobnobbing with Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj at a book release ceremony held at the Ritz Carlton in Dubai in 2015.

Who is Nowhera Shaik?

Nowhera Shaik is also the founder and President of All India Mahila Empowerment Party, formed in 2017. She is the lifetime Vice-President of the women’s wing of the International Human Rights Association-India. She had set up the educational institutions for the poor and needy, that gave opportunities for free and quality education.

What is Heera Group?

Heera Group has an international presence in – India, UAE, China, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Canada etc. Heera Group is an ‘Interest-Free’ business group. She transformed the family business into modern and innovative gold trade it is today. The group has diversified as an extensive scale as electronics, gold and investments so on. Where operations are run by a team of hardworking, dedicated and qualified professionals. A person having extensive experience in international trade, business development, marketing strategy and management plan.

How Nowhera Shaik Faked Awards and Recognitions

For Nowhera Shaik, the quack head of the controversial Heera Group of companies and President of the All India Mahila Empowerment Party (MEP) who was arrested last week on charges of cheating investors, faking photographs and awards is not an anomaly but a standard business practice.

‘Indian Super 100’, is a book that profiles the leading 100 entrepreneurs and professionals from India in the Middle East and Africa. The book does include a profile of Nowhera Shaik, but the images promoted by Heera Group are completely distinguished and evidently photoshopped.

Nowhera claims of receiving an award of the ‘Best New Comer Brand’ for Heera Foodex at the Gulf Food Exhibition held at the Dubai World Trade Centre in February 2018. The company Heera Group also released photographs of her receiving awards from the hands-on Sushma Swaraj and her company also claims to have organised the event.

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However, the fact is that neither Heera Foodex organised the event, nor the company sponsor it. There is not even any information of the company being awarded on the website, except in the snippet about the company, which going by the description, indicates that it was submitted by Heera Foodex itself.

In 2018, the company again made a false claim and shared a post on its now-defunct Facebook page claiming that Nowhera Shaik had received the ‘Top Business Woman Award’ from Sheikha Hend Faisal Al Qassimi, the Princess of Dubai. But when one Twitter user, checked the same with the princess on the social media site, she replied saying she hasn’t awarded anyone with any business awards.

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