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Woman fitted pacemaker at age 118, became oldest person to undergo surgery successfully

A 118-year-old woman named Kartar Kaur Sangha was fitted with a Pacemaker and became the oldest person to undergo surgery successfully.

According to a news wire, she was admitted to hospital in Ludhiana where the pacemaker was operated in her body. The doctor who handled her case said that her age has been confirmed by her brother’s age record and other documents. Her 90-year daughter also provided the proof. She can be featured in the Guinness Book of world records and the Limca book of record.

Before her, the oldest person to undergo surgery was Kunjithamma a 114 year old from Tirur, Kerala in 2017. The surgery was to set her fractured bone right.

Surgeries on 65 years old are considered risky and the risk increases with age. The elderly are poorly equipped with dealing with physical stress and usually do not survive complications leading to excessive blood loss.

Risks of the pacemaker surgery include bleeding, allergic reaction, infection or bruising. Sangha survived the pacemaker surgery was only because of her own health and her doctor’s expertise.


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