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World Fisheries Day 2023: History, FAQs, Dates, Activities, and Facts about Fisheries

This day is observed with music performances, rallies, seminars, public meetings, cultural dramas, and exhibitions by fishing communities.

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World Fisheries Day 2023 History, FAQs, Dates, Activities, and Facts About Fisheries

World Fisheries Day 2023: World Fisheries Day, observed on November 21, is committed to bringing attention to the critical significance of sustainable fisheries stocks and to promoting the health of ocean ecosystems. This day is observed with music performances, rallies, seminars, public meetings, cultural dramas, and exhibitions by fishing communities.

In India, where the day is widely observed, fishermen also emphasize the significance of preserving the world’s fisheries and draw attention to issues such as mechanization and pollution. In order to promote sustainable models of ocean ecosystems and address the increasingly interconnected problems that the world is confronting, World Fisheries Day also investigates potential solutions.

The History of World Fisheries Day

November 21 is the observance of World Fisheries Day in India, which serves to emphasize the significance of the country’s fishing industry. It provides livelihoods for millions of individuals and contributes to India’s food security.

The predominant components of India’s fishery resources are inland and marine. The majority of inland fisheries are found in bodies of water such as lakes, ponds, reservoirs, tributaries, and canals. Fishing communities around the world observe World Fisheries Day to honor the vast and at times undervalued food source that sustains millions of people.

World Fisheries Day in 2019 coincided with the introduction of several welfare programs for fishermen by the government of Andhra Pradesh. On this occasion, State Fisheries Minister Mopidevi Venkata Ramana stated, “The YSRCP government has increased fishermen’s compensation from Rs 4,000 to Rs 10,000 for the mandatory 45-day ban period.” Additionally, the state government has increased the diesel subsidy for both mechanized and non-mechanized vessels. Two months following the demise of a fisherman, a monetary compensation of 10 lakh will be disbursed.

The Indian fisheries and aquaculture industry is a significant component of food production as it ensures nutritional security, supports the livelihoods and employment of over 14 million individuals, and contributes to agricultural exports. Given its wide array of resources, which includes mountain lakes and deep waters, as well as over 10 percent of the world’s biodiversity in fish and shellfish species, the nation’s fish production has increased continuously and sustainably since its independence in 1947.

The estimated total fish production for the fiscal year 2017-18 amounted to 12.60 million metric tonnes. Approximately half of this production comes from culture fisheries, accounting for approximately 6.3 percent of the worldwide total. The inland sector accounted for approximately 65 percent of the total production. Fish and mollusk products comprising over fifty distinct varieties are exported to seventy-five countries worldwide. At present, fish and fish products constitute the most substantial category of agricultural exports emanating from India. Observe World Fisheries Day by advocating for sustainable fisheries and innovative approaches to cleaning up ocean ecosystems.

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FAQs for World Fisheries Day

Why is it observed on World Fisheries Day?

A multitude of traditional communities and societies unite in support of the fishing profession. World Fisheries Day observances serve as a crucial reminder that, in order to guarantee sustainable stocks and healthy ecosystems, we must alter the manner in which the world manages global fisheries.

Which is the world’s largest fishing fleet?

Worldwide, anchovy trawling is the most extensive fishery.

What does fishery go by another name?

There are about twelve words that are similar to or mean the same thing as “fishery.” These include piscary, spawning site, fish hatchery, fishing banks, fish trap, weir, aquarium, tank, cannery, and hatchery.

How to Observe International Fisheries Day

Attend a workshop on fishery sustainability.

Fisheries are an essential component of our ecosystem and global food resources. In observance of World Fisheries Day, contemplate enrolling in an online workshop that teaches sustainable practices for maintaining the vitality and productivity of ocean ecosystems. There are numerous celebrations of this day occurring all over the world. If an event is not nearby, consider organizing a workshop with family and friends who share your interests.

Engage in activities within the fishing community.

Fishermen make significant contributions to the provision of fish for human consumption and should be assisted in any way possible, particularly in developing countries. Whether they host a public meeting or a rally, consider soliciting funds for their charitable events in order to raise awareness about fisheries around the globe and their daily work. You are certain to gain a great deal of knowledge regarding the origin of your fish and how it can be maintained more effectively.

Consider the environment.

Debris reduction in our environment contributes to the cleanliness and sustainability of the oceans and fisheries. This includes ensuring the health and safety of aquatic organisms and rivers, dams, and the ocean, which are vital habitats for them. During your next camping, hiking, or seashore excursion, be certain to collect any trash you encounter. It is imperative to endeavor to educate individuals regarding the catastrophic consequences of waste and to decrease the quantity of plastic waste.

Five essential facts regarding World Fisheries Day

Low-wage labor

65% of the documented harvest from inland fisheries originates from food-deficient countries classified as low-income.

The source of your seafood

An estimated 30 million to 60 million individuals in developing countries are engaged in inland fisheries; of these, women comprise approximately 50 percent, according to varying estimates.

Seafood and protein

Fish contributes over 25 percent of the global dietary protein requirements.

Humans consume a considerable amount of fish.

Annually, the human population consumes more than one hundred million kilograms of fish.

While traveling to Africa

More than 200 million of Africa’s one billion inhabitants consume almost half of their fish from inland fisheries.


Year Date Day
2023 November 21 Tuesday
2024 November 21 Thursday
2025 November 21 Friday
2026 November 21 Saturday
2027 November 21 Sunday