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World Green Roof Day 2023: Date, History, Significance, Activities, Facts

Did you know that the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, which were established in Iraq in 500 B.C.

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World Green Roof Day 2023
World Green Roof Day 2023

World Green Roof Day 2023: World Green Roof Day is observed annually on June 6 to honour the gorgeous green roofs that contribute to a healthier environment and to raise awareness about their significance in the fight against climate change. Did you know that the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, which were established in Iraq in 500 B.C., were the first known example of verdant roofing? Also known as living roofs, they comprise of vegetation that covers a waterproofing system partially or entirely. Green roofing reduces cooling expenses and reduces stormwater discharge. Chris Bridgman and Dustin Gedge, two experts on sustainable green roofs, founded World Green Roof Day.

World Green Roof Day 2023: History

If ancient texts are to be believed, we can confidently trace the origin of the first green roof to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the seven ancient marvels of the world, which were established in Iraq in 500 B.C. According to ancient Greek, Roman, and Assyrian texts, these gardens were grown atop pillars and canopies made of stone. They were composed of trees and fauna found in the Babylonian mountains, and they provided shelter and cooled the interiors of buildings. Vikings utilised green roofs to endure the harsh climate of their region during the Middle Ages. These green roofs were constructed with sod, grass, and birch wood substrates and water-retention membranes. The rooftops offer protection from inclement weather, wintertime insulation, and summertime cooling. These Norse homes were so resilient that their ruins can still be discovered today.

Germany was the birthplace of modern green roofing in the early 20th century. It is believed that the movement began when Gerda Gollwitzer and Werner Wirsing published “Roof Areas Inhabited, Viable, and Covered by Vegetation.” In 1969, the government commissioned the construction of a green roof on the GENO Pharmaceuticals headquarters, which gave the movement momentum. As public interest in sustainable architecture developed in the 1970s and 1980s, green roofing in Germany expanded to cover 13 million square metres by the mid-1990s.

In the United States, verdant roofing first appeared in the mid-1930s at the Rockefeller Centre. States such as New York and San Francisco provide tax incentives to building developers who install green roofs. There are green roofs in the majority of European, North American, Egyptian, and Costa Rican nations.

World Green Roof Day 2023: Activities

Take photographs of beautiful verdant roofs.

The purpose of World verdant Roof Day is to highlight the aesthetic value of verdant roofs. If you reside in an area with green roofs, take and share captivating photographs of them on social media. Don’t neglect to use the #WGRD hashtag.

Raise the profile of green roofs

Green roofs have the potential to mitigate the effects of climate change, and the world must be aware of this fact. On World Green Roof Day, you can do your part by educating your family, friends, and connections about the significance of green roofs and advocating for public initiatives to enable the construction of more green roofs.

Organise a verdant rooftop event

Another way to observe World Green Roof Day is by hosting a celebration or gathering on a green roof. If you don’t have a verdant roof, you can search nearby for someone who does. Request permission to use their green roof to publicise World Green Roof Day and encourage more individuals to install green roofs.


They absorb precipitation

Green roofs can absorb as much as 80 percent of precipitation and prevent inundation.

They decrease pollution

In comparison to conventional roofs, green roofs reduce external noise levels by eight decibels.

They are enduring.

Green rooftops are twice as durable as conventional roofs.

They are resistant to fire

Plants typically contain a great deal of water and provide a stratum of fire resistance.

They are an expense.

A green roof can extend the life of a conventional roof by shielding it from the sun and moisture.

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World Green Roof Day 2023: Significance

If drastic action is not taken, the planet could become uninhabitable for humans within a few years due to its rapid warming. Green roofs are one of the potential solutions to the problem. With a green roof on every residence, we can reduce carbon emissions, particularly in urban areas.

In addition to acting as a sound barrier, green roofs can filter airborne pollutants and carbon dioxide, resulting in clearer, fresher air. This reduces the incidence of cardiovascular diseases like asthma. Green roofs also remove pollutants and heavy metals from rainwater.

Studies indicate that green roofs can reduce water runoff by 75% and retain approximately 75% of precipitation during cyclones. This makes green roofs a crucial component of flood-prone cities’ and regions’ water management systems.

World Green Roof Day 2023: Dates

Year Date Day
2023 June 6 Tuesday
2024 June 6 Thursday
2025 June 6 Friday
2026 June 6 Saturday
2027 June 6 Sunday