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World Wind Day: Best Wishes, Greetings, Quotes

Celebrate this special day with messages and images for Global Wind Day. Send motivational Global Wind Day quotations to your family and friends to emphasise the significance of winds.

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World Wind Day
World Wind Day

World Wind Day: The 15th of June is Global Wind Day. The wind is significant not only for natural but also for economic reasons. Celebrate this special day with messages and images for Global Wind Day. Send motivational Global Wind Day quotations to your family and friends to emphasise the significance of winds.

Great collection of uplifting Global Wind Day greetings that are perfect for sharing on Facebook and WhatsApp on this day that celebrates the vitality of winds.

World Wind Day: Wishes

  • The leaf causes no harm and finally falls to support new foliage. So should it be with everyone?
  • -The very winds murmured mitigating highlights, and Mother Nature told me to stop crying.
  • -The west wind is a balmy wind filled with bird calls.
  • -The cool wind wafted in my face, and I simultaneously felt as though I had divested my bluntness. A lengthy dark line with a dark discount lay in front of me. The creatures with feathers were singing. It was springtime.
  • Numerous elements are filled with indignation, desire, and greed. They relocate the garbage, but the solid heap of our genuine nature remains where it has always been.
  • Wherever the wind blows, it renews the air; wherever shrewdness blows, it renews the mind!
  • When escaping adversity, each gust of wind is a burden.
  • -You discover the quality of wind by walking against it, not by sitting still.
  • -Wind is the phenomenon that occurs when air develops sentiments of ardour for itself.
  • The morning breeze disperses a scent of freshness. We should rise and seize the wind that affords us a chance at life. Inhale before it disappears.
  • -The winds that never knew control, Afraid to blow excessively, excessively faintly blew; Or fatigued with contentment, unable to develop their erect lungs or conscious of their charge.
  • -Should the wind increase, it could drive us against the approaching inundation.
  • -A strong wind was howling, and it felt quite chilly and appeared so strange. Despite this, the trees remembered that I was there. They bowed gently in the breeze and beckoned me closer, extending an invitation.
  • I can hear the wind in the branches. Playing the heavenly orchestras, I observe the bowed descent of the branches, as if they were the keys of an extraordinary instrument.
  • -The wind blasts on everyone, but it is how you set your sails that determines the effect.


  • The rain, the heavens, and all of the foliage have been blown away by a strong wind, but the trees are still standing. I believe I, too, have realised that harvest time is excessively lengthy.
  • -While everything seems to be working against you, remember that an aeroplane takes off against the weather, not with it.
  • The worrier grumbles about the weather, while the optimist anticipates that it will shift and the realist adjusts the sails.
  • -The cynic complains about the wind, while the confident individual anticipates that it will change and the pragmatist modifies the sails.
  • -You cannot assassinate a breeze, wind, or fragrance, nor can you murder a fantasy or a desire.
  • -The steeper the slope, the more grounded the wind; similarly, the loftier the life, the more grounded the enticements of the adversary.
  • -An extraordinary wind is howling, which can either inspire creativity or cause a migraine.
  • ‘The wind is us’ – it gathers and accumulates all of our voices, then sends them through the foliage and the fields, speaking and telling.
  • -I will do whatever is fundamentally permitted by law to reduce Berkshire’s tax rate. For instance, on wind energy, we receive a tax credit if we construct a large number of wind farms. This is the primary reason for their fabrication. They are not encouraging without the assessment credit.
  • -The two most abundant forms of energy on earth are solar and wind, and they are becoming less and less costly.
  • -Wind is God’s means of regulating temperature. The wind is the means by which heat is transferred from hotter regions to colder regions. That is what wind consists of.
  • -Regular turbines are only effective up to 200 feet, but capturing a small portion of the global wind energy at higher elevations could be sufficient to meet the world’s current energy needs.

World Wind Day: Quotes

  • -“Follow your heart wherever it takes you. Nobody knows where the wind blows. No one can say.” – Mario Frangoulis 
  • – “Hang on to your hat. Hang on to your hope. And wind the clock, for tomorrow is another day.” – E. B. White. 
  • -“Breathless, we flung us on a windy hill, Laughed in the sun, and kissed the lovely grass.”- Rupert Brooke, 
  • -“Shoulda let that rest gon’ fly away/ Like any chance I had of keeping you/ Like the Northern Wind that blowin’/ Yeah my lonely heart is frozen” – “The Wind,” Zac Brown Band 
  • -“Because I’m easy come, easy go,/ Little high, little low,/ Any way the wind blows doesn’t really matter to me, to me” – “Bohemian Rhapsody,” Queen 
  • -“So high I almost touch the sky/ Thank you, thank you/ Thank God for you, the wind beneath my wings” – “Wind Beneath My Wings,” Bette Midler 
  • -“How many times can a man turn his head/ And pretend that he just doesn’t see?/ The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind/ The answer is blowin’ in the wind” – “Blowin’ in the Wind,” Bob Dylan