Bengaluru mob also attacked property of Cong MLA’s siblings

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In the recent Bengaluru riots on Tuesday night, it was not only the Congress MLA Akanda Srinivas Murthy, who suffered arson and vandalism but his siblings also bore the brunt, he said on Thursday.

“All my brothers living with me have no place to live,” said Murthy.

He said 3,000-4,000 people attacked his house, pointing out that they were outsiders.

In addition to his brothers, the mobs also attacked the house of Jayanthi, Murthy’s sister.

As her home is not far away from the Legislator’s, the rampaging vandals reached Jayanthi’s home as well and wreaked havoc.

Initially, they started pelting stones around 8.30 p.m. to follow it up with breaking the cars and bikes parked outside the home.

Not stopping with that, the mob torched the vehicles.

Amid the ensuing melee, Jayanthi’s family locked themselves up in the first floor of their home and slipped out to safety by jumping over onto a neighbour’s terrace.

Seven family members managed to escape the rampage.

Meanwhile, the mobs barged into the house and ran amok, setting fire to even clothes from the wardrobes.

The frenzied vandals did not spare anything, including electrical appliances, beds and others.

After destroying Jayanthi’s home, the vandals zeroed in on a wine shop in Kaval Byrasandra.

Though the shop owner sensed the trouble and shut his shop, the mob tried opening its shutters but failed. Later, they managed to break a window and set the wine shop ablaze and also damaged its employee’s house on top.

On Tuesday night, hundreds of people ran amok after Murthy’s nephew Naveen posted a derogatory message on social media.

The mobs pelted stones, injured 60 policemen, and committed acts of vandalism and arson in D.J. Halli, K.G. Halli, Pulikeshinagar and Kaval Byrasandra areas, leaving the affected places resembling a war zone.


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