Shehnaaz Gill’s father Santokh Singh Sukh speaks on rape charges, says ‘That lady called me her brother to extort money’

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Santokh Singh Sukh, the father of Bigg Boss 13’s most popular contestant Shehnaaz Gill, made headlines after a 40-year-old lady alleged him of rape at gunpoint. Ever since the incident happened, Santokh has not spoken about it at length.

Now recently, he revealed details of the matter to an entertainment portal. He said that the matter is completely closed now but that one and a half month was like a nightmare for him and his family.

He was quoted as saying, “So, the lady who had made this allegation was in a relationship with my friend. They had some heated argument after which my friend came to my home and insisted on staying here and also said not to tell her that I am here. As a friend, I decided to help him out. It wasn’t for the first time he had come to stay over. He has come twice thrice and stayed over for 10-15 days at my residence. So, this time somehow she managed to track his location. Whenever she used to call me, I used to maintain that he isn’t here, following his instructions. I also advised her that she should not drag me in between and get it sorted amongst them.”

“One night she called me again and started behaving rudely. I tried to keep myself calm but the moment she started saying bad things about my kids Shehnaaz and Shehbaz, I lost it completely. And then we had a heated argument,” he added.

Shehnaaz’s father also told about he got to know about the allegations. he said, “To my shock, since May 19 I was not even aware that she had gone to the police station and filed an FIR against me. Don’t know who advised her to make this fake complaint against me but on May 19 one of the senior police officials called me over the phone and informed me about the complaint. So, I told him that why didn’t you guys call me the very same moment when she was filing an FIR? At least you people must have called to check with me.”

Upon being asked how the case ended, he said, “My friend went back to her and after ten days we had a hearing in the court. That lady while recording her statement under 164, said that nothing of this sort happened. After which the section 376 on me was lifted and slowly the case got a closure.”

Santok also revealed that the lady wanted to extort money from him considering my daughter Shehnaaz is a popular name now and she was under the impression that she is earning well, so I can easily give her 50 lakhs to take me out of all these allegations.

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