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Microsoft acquires Express Logic to push IoT dream

Microsoft makes Azure Machine Learning available for developers

San Francisco: Microsoft is opening up its Azure Machine Learning Service for data scientists and developers so that they can use the Cloud-based offering to quickly create and train Machine Learning (ML) models, and then deploy them in production. The Azure Machine Learning Service was first made available in preview[Read More…]

Apple world's top brand, Facebook slips to 9th spot: Report

Apple hires Google’s Artificial Intelligence chief

San Francisco: In a key development, Apple has hired John Giannandrea, Google’s Head of Search and Artificial Intelligence (AI), to lead the company’s Machine Learning (ML) and AI strategy. Giannandrea, who took the role of Senior Vice President of Engineering at Google from Amit Singhal in early 2016, will report[Read More…]

Will take action on those listening to your conversations: Google

Google to make Machine Learning education available for all

New Delhi: Google on Thursday introduced “Learn with Google AI” — a set of educational resources developed by Machine Learning (ML) experts at the company, for people to learn about concepts, develop skills and apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) to real-world problems. “Learn with Google AI” comes with existing content as well[Read More…]

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